Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Fast Main Stats Guide

Just the basic stats for this game for people wondering. No aliens allowed.

Guide to Main Stats

Basic Stats and Their Meaning

A lot of this is self explanatory but I know I’ve had to look this up a few times to see what does what. Resist are explained in the game but not the core/main stats.

  • STR = weapon attack power.
  • INT = spell attack power.
  • CON = weapon attack resistance vs enemies.
  • MND = spell attack resistance vs enemies.
  • LCK = chance for item drops to occur and chance to land critical strikes.

STR – Stands for Strength. Pretty straight forward. This will increase your physical attack vs enemies.

INT – Stands for Intelligence. if you have any at all, you probably guessed what all these stand for. Intellect increases all your shard/magic damage. If the shard can do damage, this stat will increase that damage.

CON – Stands for Constitution. This will increase your defense versus a physical attack from monsters. The more you have, the less damage you will take when slashed/bludgeoned/poked/punched/ETC.

MND – Stands for Mind. Mind is your reduction to damage from Magical attacks vs enemies. Fire/water/holy/dark/wind/ETC. Anything that seems mystical/magical.

LCK – Stands for Luck. This effects your ability to Critically Strike, which increases the normal damage of a Shard/Physical attack. This stat also increases the chance an enemy will drop items/shards. A high luck stat helps acquire more rare items and items overall.

I hope this helps some. It is fairly basic stuff but I thought it would be nice to have it in the Guide section somewhere. Sure do miss instruction books sometimes. Good Luck!

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