Book of Travels – Ultimate Characters Guide (Winds, Starting Skills)

All character models and their appearances can be seen here.

Definitive Guide to All Characters

12 Characters

Currently in Chapter Zero there are 12 playable character forms:

  • The Weatherer (S) Physical Social
  • The Mosswalker (E) Spiritual Social
  • The Enfolder (S) Mechanical Physical
  • The Reachant (N) Mechanical Social
  • The Larker (W) Physical Spiritual
  • The Ribboned (N) Spiritual Physical
  • The Gleaner (S) Social Spiritual
  • The Goodward (E) Mechanical Physical
  • The Dimmed (E) Spiritual Mech
  • The Veiled (W) Mechanical Social
  • The Mirther (W) Social Spiritual
  • The Crested (N) Social Spiritual


Each Wind comes with 3 perks to choose from:

  • N-Northern Wind
  • S-Southern Wind
  • W-Western Wind
  • E-Eastern Wind


  • Mind of the Tactician – (Passive) – [Adds +2 Ward if in a Group]
  • Read Strengths – (Ability) – [Shows Ward and Force of others]
  • Tricks of the Messenger – (Passive) – [135% Walk speed on Roads]


  • Deep Rest – (Ability) – [Restores Energy every second]
  • Read Hearts – (Ability) – [Finds out Personality and Traits of others]
  • Mystic Arm – (Ability) – [Draws a vertical line on the ground for others to see]


  • Assemble Fireplace – (Ability) – [Makes a Fireplace]
  • Guiding Spark: Shelter – (Ability) – [A spark guides the way to the nearest Shelter]
  • Affinity for Water – (Passive) – [+75 Energy when submerged in Water]


  • Glinted lamp – (Ability) – [Conjures up a magic lamp illuminating a small area]
  • Conceal Identity – (Passive) – [Makes you an “unknown traveller” to others]
  • Align – (Ability) – [Reveals spirits of the dead within 50m]

Fun Facts

  • The Crested is the Tallest of all Characters.
  • The Reachant is the Smallest of all Characters.

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