Call of Duty – That’s One Way to Do It… Achievement / Trophy Guide (Modern Warfare III)

How to Get the That’s One Way to Do It… Achievement / Trophy

That’s One Way to Do It…
Destroy the enemy heavy helicopter (the one that shoots) with the Mortar strike killstreak

God, what a complete task…

In order to at least increase the chances that your fire will hit a constantly moving helicopter, you need to do the following:

  1. Destroy 2 helicopters on the ground so that the desired one appears later (mission “Reactor”)
  2. Attract the attention of the attack helicopter by shooting at it
  3. Hide in a room where it cannot see you. You must first clear the area of other nearby enemies
  4. Wait until the helicopter loses sight of you (the minimap will turn white)
  5. Direct mortar fire under the helicopter. The air movement under it is quite noticeable, so it should be easier to aim than at the enemy itself.

If you’re lucky, a shell will hit the helicopter directly and it will be instantly destroyed.

Written by FIRUIN

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