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Hello there! I am Vasikle, current head dev of Some Desperate Glory 1914-1918 and the man behind its newest update, Beta 0.1 Piave. With this update a lot of new things have been added and I think the best thing to do is to create a guide in order to help players understand these new mechanics better. I will do it here as this way I don’t have to fill up the Mod’s Workshop page.

Gas Masks and Gas

Let’s simply jump straight into it!

I have seen a lot of people struggle while trying to find the gas masks, something that I have seen even on youtube. It is far from something hard to do.

It’s that easy to find the gasmask button.

Besides that two important things!

  • You must select just ONE individual soldiers, sadly those actions do not work for group selections, said soldier will give an order to all soldiers around him to put gasmasks on, so that shouldn’t be that much of a problem.
  • There are 3 different gas types: Tear Gas, Chlorine and Mustard Gas. Gas protects 100% from the first two. The later will still inflict some problems even with gas one. Very small damage but it should be noted that it will still affect the soldiers.

Infantry Squads of Austria-Hungary and Italy

LMGs were hard to get on fronts other than the Western Front, where all sides used them to great extent. For example the Austro-Hungarians only had aprox. 700 Madsens at their disposal alongside other imported Light Machine guns. To illustrate the lack of LMGs in game the Austrian Infantry squad gets an LMG 50% of the time. The cost of the squad is cheaper than German, British or French rifle squads, but more expensive than the default Italian Rifle Squad (without any LMG). Keep this in mind while playing the Austro-Hungarians.

The Austro-Hugarian army was also extremely complex, made out of 3 armies, K.K. for Cisleithania (Austrian part), K.U. for Transleithania (Hungarian part) and K.U.K. as the Common army. This is taken into account in the mod. This way there are technically 3 basic tier 2 rifle infantry squads, K.K. Landwehr, K.U. Honved and K.U.K. Infanterie. The Infanterie is the only that can get the LMG (50% of the time). The others are a tad bit cheaper. They pretty much work the same as the Infantry but should be taken into account as a Tier 1.8 infantry squads, with just a bit lower stats (like 180 health instead of 200).

The more noteworthy squad of the Italians are the Carabinieri Reali. Military police that had also fought on the Italian Front gaining a lot of renown. They are smaller ( 6 men + 1 squadleader) and very expensive for such small numbers, yet they have lower CP than normal infantry, 1 CP per rifleman, and have higher point capture value.

The Alpini and Gebirgsschutzen get perks similar to the Gebirgsjagers in Vanilla and their NCOs come equiped with binoculars. Keep that in mind!

Fixed AA-guns and Gun Bunkers in MP

The Italians get a 76mm AA gun (originally a naval gun) that is a fixed emplacement. They need a way to counter the petty but useful 12.5 kg bomb dropped from German planes. It is a fixed emplacement though so I have come up with a way to make it mobile, in a way that I imagine would have been pretty similar to how things worked out.

Both sides on the Italian Front get heavy engineers, for now based on their Finnish vanilla counterparts. They can also build Gun Bunkers in place of what is the vanilla Coastal Gun. Works the same as Vanilla.

Learn to use Wirecutters!

The new map Piave has improved pathfinding as opposed the the older SDG maps.

But it has a lot of barbed wire and now you have engineers that can build them too. Learn to use wirecutters! It’s so simple and a lot of squads (like the Pioneers, Esploratori, Compagnia della Morte which did that traditionally, come with them for example). All you have to do is have such a squad selected and right click on wire to destroy it (this is also a vanilla feature btw).


I will add more stuff if I remember more important things that I didn’t cover. Till later remember to also:

Use the cav. It’s helpful and sometimes even better than trucks.


While we are still here let me also showcase the doctrines, to aid players into making the good choice:

British Empire

American Expeditionary Corps – British Empire

  • U.S Doughboys
  • 75mm Field Gun
  • Recon Spad AEF
  • U.S.M.C.
  • Mark IV

French Republic

French Foreign Legion – French Republic

  • Tirailleurs Senegalais
  • Legion Etrangere
  • White Cross Barrage
  • Yellow Cross Barrage
  • Spad Recon
  • Siege Gun

Kingdom of Italy

Regio Esercito Italiano – Kingdom of Italy

  • Heavy Engineers
  • Veteran Arditi Squad
  • White Cross Barrage
  • Compagnia della Morte
  • Recon Plane
  • 2x Lancia 1ZM
  • Siege Gun
  • Mustard Gas Barrage

Entente Expeditionary Corps – Kingdom of Italy

  • Romanian Legion Alpini/Czechoslovak Legion Alpini
  • 332nd U.S. Doughboys
  • Nieuport Recon Plane
  • French Voltigeurs
  • Yellow Cross Barrage
  • 2x. French 75mm M1897
  • British Whippet
  • French Siege Gun

German Empire

German Imperial Army – German Empire

  • Schutzen
  • 17cm mMW
  • A7V
  • Feldkanone 7.7 towed
  • Yellow Cross Barrage
  • 21cm Morser

Kaiserschlacht – German Empire

  • A7V ‘Gretchen’
  • Sturmpioneer ‘Rohr’
  • 17cm mMW
  • Motorized 7.7cm FK
  • A7V
  • Whippet Beute
  • Yellow Cross Barrage
  • Motorized 21cm Morser

Austria Hungary

German 14th Army – Austria Hungary

  • German Infanterie Squad
  • Stoßtruppen Squad
  • 17cm Minenwerfer
  • Alpenkorps Jager and Pioniere Squads
  • Mustard Gas barrage
  • 12.5 Kg PuW (Albastros DIII)
  • 2x Horse Towed 7.7cm FK
  • 21cm Morser

Kaiserlich und Königlich Wehrmacht – Austria Hungary

  • Heavy Engineers
  • k.u.k. Bosnian Infantry
  • k.u.k. Tiroler Kaiserjäger
  • Fokker E3 Recon
  • 17cm Minenwerfer
  • 2x Junovicz
  • Mustard Gas Barrage
  • Siege Gun

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