Cat in the Box – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide outline the sequence in which the achievements can be obtained.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Unmissable.
  • You can get this achievement when you save the game.


  • As soon as entering the mansion, you need to escape this place right now.
  • Interact with the door until you escape.


  • This is a parody of Jill Sandwich from Resident Evil 1.
  • After you acquiring a old axe, don’t go up to 2 floor.
  • Go down to baseroom first and find room like picture above.
  • Save the game before you go to room located downside.


Picture 1 (Prison)

Picture 2 (Hidden place)

  • This achievement can be unlocked in the room located to the right of the prison.
  • You can use a screw driver to enter the area indicated by the red circle in the picture 2 above.

Green Hurb

  • This is another parody of from Resident Evil series.
  • In the process of gathering the materials for the ceremony, you may find a place like picture above. You slide the box to solve the puzzle, and enter the password ‘HOTH’ to let the ladder down.
  • After getting the red spider-lily, you also interact with the green herb to the left.


  • Once you have obtained the fuse and the chalice, you need to enter the ceremonial chamber. Don’t forget to save your game at this time.
  • Now, all you have to do is follow the instructions the person say in the remaining dialogue choices.

Epitaph, Divine

  • Unlike the ‘deceive’ section, if you do not follow the instructions and hesitate, a new option appear.
  • They show different ending, and at the end of the ending, achievement is unlocked.

Congrat your 100%.

Now you deserve to go to ‘the salty spitoon’, not ‘weenie hut Jr’s’.

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