Chicken Feet – Chicken Spawning/Chase Triggers Guide

A list of what actions, to the best of my knowledge, cause the chicken to officially spawn on the map and where he will spawn at. Remember these if you want extra time to study the map before sneaking around.

List of Chicken Spawning/Chase Triggers

Spawn Triggers


  1. Flip any one of the switches.

The switch behind the door will trigger the moment he breaks the door down and barges after you. The other two should cause him to spawn in the hallway close to the sky mural.

  1. Press the button with the broken pipe

He will spawn in the central hallway across the field between the farms, always initially walking towards your location.

  1. Open the door next to the gas release chamber.

He will face you, waiting for you to open the door, so make a beeline for the gas release chamber!


  1. Already spawns on the map

I believe he spawns on the opposite side of the map from where you are. Flipping the switch in the blue room will always cause him to chase you from the now-open door, so gun it under the bars!

  1. Click the locked door next to the tape recorder and then return to the central area

This time, you will hear his crowing sound from the central hallway with the dynamic door button.

  1. Approach the scientist at the end of the hallway

I think he randomly spawns from either direction other than behind you.

Chase Triggers

Some automatic chase/location triggers, some mentioned in the previous section:

  1. After you flip the switch behind the door, he will break it down and lunge after you
  2. Hallway after you reach the area with the blue light. A lengthy chase, so save up on stamina
  3. Every time you hit the trip wire that rings a bell, he comes for that location, also more likely to come close once you reach the pig carcass area. After releasing the gas into the pipes, he will appear right behind you in the stretch with the bloodstained floor just before the gas button room.
  4. The switch in the blue room, and seemingly when approaching the exit vent from across the area with the bloodstained floor, not from the hallway perpendicular to it though
  5. Will always chase you from wherever he is once you have the valve in hand and reach the half-opened door, which will open fully letting him fit through it, so better wait for him to be a good ways behind you before you start making your escape
  6. After you acquire the screwdriver, he disappears from the map entirely, but he will reappear and immediately chase you down once you make for the vent cover in the hallway. Try to outrun him in a full loop before unscrewing the cover.

Breakout Ending: final sprint, get a good head start or you will not even make it to the platform you have to jump from to escape, let alone jump far enough.

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