Crime Boss: Rockay City – Stealth Boss Build for The Hidden Vault

Guide for The Hidden Vault (Vertigo Bank and Imperial Bank)

While playing this mission stealthy (extreme difficulty most of the times) I never use weapons at all and I only use my equipment and bare hands.

The Perks:

  • Swift (Walk a bit faster).
  • Ghost (Harder to detect).
  • Toolkit (Quicker recharge of your equipment).


  • Main Weapon: I don’t mind at all. the only moment I use it (automatically) is while shouting around to get the hostages on their knees.
  • Side Weapon: Same as above. I never use the weapons If stealth succeeds.


I prefer the Tactical Brick above Sensor Grenade and Camera Jammer, but all 3 can be handy. If you play with friends, you can combine different equipment.

The Tactical Brick is a great tool to lure guards you way and subdue them later on.

Two examples where the tactical bricks can be very helpful (especially when playing solo):

Vertigo Bank:

While entering the bank go to the room on the right. subdue the people in there and hide them in the back, Now stand in the corner next to the door (inside the room agains the outdoor wall) and throw a brick agains the wall on the other side. You will notice the guard(s) around the elevator will enter the room. Close the door behind them and subdue him.

Only one guard will be attracted by the brick at a time. So once the you have one guard down, put him in the back of the room and repeat. This way you can clear the room of guards where the civilians are totally unaware of what is going on.

Imperial Bank:

You have these staircases behind the elevator. Once you are up there you will notice some guards will guard the stairs at the bottom. Just throw up a brick on the stairways going sidewards. They will turn around and walk up the stairway.

Just when the turn around the corner, you can easily subdue them without alerting anyone. you can repeat this step multiple times to clear out a lot of guards.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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