Dark Deity – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a comprehensive guide detailing a way of getting for all achievements in the game. If you have never played this game or are just hunting for achievements, this guide will show you how to get them all.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Difficulty level of achievements: Medium.
  • Total achievements: 40 (100%)
  • Offline achievements: 40. (100%)
  • Online Achievements: 0.
  • Estimated time to complete all achievements: Less then — hours.
  • Minimum number of passes for 100%: —
  • Glitchy achievements: None.
  • Easy to Miss Achievements: —.
  • Achievements with difficulty levels: Yes.
  • Required DLCs for 100% achievements: None

Difficulty Achievements

The End of the Eclipse

  • Beat the game

New visual novel, Dark Deity

  • Beat the game on Mortal mode

I can go the distance

  • Beat the game on Hero mode

Checkmate, Atheists

  • Beat the game on Deity mode

Chapter Achievements


  • Start a chapter with aspects equipped to every deployed unit

Early Graduation (Hidden)

  • Chapter 1: Get drafted

Current Objective: Survive (Hidden)

  • Chapter 5: Defeat the onslaught of undead

Et tu, Irving? (Hidden)

  • Chapter 8: Have someone close to you witness a shameful act

The Atlas Curse (Hidden)

  • Chapter 11: Complete your most harrowing battle yet

Hello ‘ol Humback (Hidden)

  • Chapter 12: Leave Etlan by way of sea

The One Who Came Before (Hidden)

  • Chapter 15: Complete the Trial of Soul

More dots, more dots! (Hidden)

  • Chapter 16: Defeat a legendary creature

Chamber of Souls (Hidden)

  • Chapter 20: Chase a dangerous foe away

Daddy Issues (Hidden)

  • Chapter 23: Resolve some long running familial tension

Justice (Hidden)

  • Chapter 25: Defeat one of your greatest enemies

You were my brother… (Hidden)

  • Chapter 27: Find the resolve to continue on

Have you heard of the High Elves?

  • Clear a chapter with Thae’Lanel, Corvan, or Maeve as your MVP

Structural Integrity

  • Clear Chapter 7 while the aqueducts are over 50 health

My rugs!

  • Clear Chapter 12 while the boat is below 30 health

Battle Achievements

Super Effective!

  • Get a critical hit

Not Very Effective…

  • Take 0 damage from an attack.

Upgrades, people, upgrades!

  • Upgrade a unit to tier 2

Unlimited Power

  • Upgrade a unit to tier 3

You shall not pass!

  • Have a unit take 150 damage and live in one chapter

I live my life a quarter-mile at a time

  • Have a character move 150 tiles in a chapter


  • Defeat an enemy in one hit.

Running Riot

  • Defeat 15 enemies with one unit in a single chapter

Dodge Tank

  • Have a single unit dodge 20 or more times in one chapter

You know, I’m something of a strategist myself

  • Take 25 or more turns to clear a chapter

Thank you sir may I have another

  • Have one unit take 50% of the team’s damage in a chapter

Here comes the cavalry

  • Deploy 6 mounted units at once

General Achievements

The best of friends

  • Reach a max level bond

Blessed by Aren Jee Zuss

  • Have all stats increase on a single levelup

What are you buyin?

  • Upgrade your first spell/weapon

Say hello to my little friend

  • Reach the max level of a single spell/weapon tree


  • Promote a character into the tier 3 corresponding to their tier 2

Sweet Home Redhill (Hidden)

  • Eat corn with Benji

I am speed (Hidden)

  • Prove your worth to King Varic in under 8 turns

Bought the Battle Pass

  • Upgrade all of a unit’s weapons to tier 4

Dark Deity

  • Acquire all other achievements


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