Dark Souls III – Irina of Carim Questline Guide (Good & Bad Ending)

A simple guide for the Irina of Carim’s questline.

Free Irina and Send Her to Firelink Shrine

First, you need to send Irina to Firelink Shrine. Her cell is located near the entrance to the Road of Sacrifices in the Undead Settlement. You can reach her in two ways.

1 – Drop down the cliff at the left of the big guy in armor (Eygon of Carim)

(Cat ring is necessary to not die from fall damage).

2 – Open the sewers shortcut and reach the cell directly from there:

Here you will find the Mortician’s Ashes, give it to Shrine Handmaiden and you will be able to buy the Grave Key.

You will find the sewer door at the right of the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire.

(You need to open the shortcut first, but its pretty easy).

Open this door with the Grave Key you bought earlier.

Just follow the normal path after this door and you’ll find this dark place.

Enter the room to your left, there will be alot of rats spawning at once so be careful and take the ladder.

Irina should be there, just exhaust her dialog and touch her. She will teleport to Firelink Shrine.

Irina and Eygon in Firelink

Irina should be at the right of the blacksmith in Firelink.

From there, you can choose two paths to take for this questline, the bad and good one.

To get the good one, you’ll have to buy all of her light miracles.

To get the bad one, you’ll need to buy all of her dark miracles.

(Her 4 base miracles you can buy directly are light miracles).

All Divine tomes locations for each paths are below.

Dark Path

To buy the Dark miracles from Irina, you’ll need to give her the Londor Braille Divine Tome and the Deep Braille Divine Tome.

Londor Braille Divine Tome is buyable from Yuria of Londor for 50 souls at Firelink Shrine

(Yuria will appear when you have 5 Dark Sigils in your inventory)

The Deep Braille Divine Tome is dropped by a mimic in the Cathedral, after the first giant.

Note: If you give her the 2 dark tomes, but choose to go for the good ending, she will drop them on her current location and you can give them to Karla

Note that buying even one Dark Miracle will lead you to the bad ending.

After buying all of the Dark Miracles, go to the Iudex Gunyr bonfire. Eygon will turn hostile and you’ll have to defeat him. (He drops Morne’s Great Hammer and the Moaning Shield) Upon his death, his armor set (Morne’s armor) will be purchasable from the Shrine’s Handmaid. Buy the gauntlets, as they are required to finish the quest.

If you return to Irina’s spot in Firelink, she will ask you to touch her once again. Equip the Morne’s Gauntlets you bought earlier and touch her. She will ask you to kill her, as Eygon promised. She will now drop her ashes and end the questline.

Light Path

This path is way easier to do and pretty similar to the dark path, exept the ending is way more lackluster. To get the Light miracles, you’ll need the Braille Divine Tome of Carim and the Braille Divine Tome of Lothric.

The Braille Divine Tome of Carim is located near the Morne’s Ring. It is right behind the second bonfire of the Road of Sacrifices.

Video Location:

The Braille Divine Tome of Lothric is close to the Dragonslayer Armor boss arena, in Lothric Castle. Drop down the ledge, where the green dragon was sitting and go to the secret room, you’ll find a mimic chest and the tome.

Video Location:

After buying all of her light miracles, and no dark miracles, she will become a fire keeper, and will allow you to level up.

After beating Abyss Watchers and Dragonslayer Armor, aswell as exhausting Eygon’s dialog in the Shrine, his hammer and shield will be in the old cell Irina was at the beginning of the questline. His armor will still be available to purchase from the Handmaiden

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