Death From Above – Slava Ukraini! Achievement Guide

How to Get Slava Ukraini! Achievement

You need to raise all 5 flags during the same playthrough without dying.

To raise the flag, switch to the drone operator, walk to the flagpole and press the interaction button when the button prompt appears.

The green drone icons on the maps show the locations.

Flagpole #1

The village where you need to eliminate enemies during objective #2.

Flagpole #2

The farm / base where you need to go during objectives #3 & #4.

Flagpole #3 & #4

East of the farm / base from objectives #3 / #4 are 2 apartment block areas. Each of them has 1 flagpole.

Flagpole #5

In the village north of the ship that appears during the last objective.

Crimea is Ukraine!

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