Deepest Chamber: Resurrection – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Short guide on how to get all achievement in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


You will encounter this achievement naturally as you try to win a run. I already grouped them according to the Depth level so you can what you missing easily. Additionally I will put some basic strategy incase you have some issues beating the boss.


Ruthless Refinement

  • Boost 10 cards.

Pretty easy, core mechanic of this game. Keep playing card beside unboosted cards until you get this.


  • Heroes get resurrected.

Part of story, that boss designed to kill you as your characters are still weak.

Depth 1

The First of Many

  • Defeat an elite enemy.

Elite is a node on the map that give you 2 upgrades and a trinket. Generally it is harder fight and recommended to not skip them as it can give you nice rewards.

Smite the Smith

  • Defeat the Smith.

Introduction to Wrath mechanic, which you need to keep attacking the boss to reduce the stack. Lower stack will make boss deal less damage, making it easier to block.

Kill the Queen

  • Defeat the Queen.

Pretty basic boss that spawn ads. If you managed to find any skill that deal AoE, it will shine here. Or you can just try to burst the boss quickly.

Depth 2

Into The Depths

  • Descend to the second depth.

Automatically given after you beat previous boss.

Tear Apart King Parten

  • Defeat King Parten.

Boss have corrode ability which able to remove all your block. It also can spawn ads when reaching low health. Once it mark a character, both ads will attack the marked character and you cant pull the aggro

There is alternative boss here called Ammut, it is a simple boss that can deal powerful single target damage. Stack block & try to weak / stun / mind control it. If you cant survive it, make sure it kill a character that doesnt have “Mark of Resurrection” by pulling the aggro away.

Depth 3

Crush Camaz

  • Defeat Camaz.

One of tricky boss. First it can put rubbish into your hand, making it harder for you to boost your card. Use slick or push to counter this. Additionally, dont fully block any of its attack as it can gain more strength making it much harder to block its future attack

Hit and Rumm

  • Defeat Rumm.

This have a buff that give its strength until you debuff it. It also periodically cleanse itself, making certain build have tougher time (bleed, poison, corrupt). Also hit quite hard, which make weak debuff as good option to counter this boss

Depth 4

Quell The Keeper

  • Defeat the Keeper.

The tutorial boss that killed you. Time for payback. It have invulnerable shield and cause vulnerable to your party. Have some debuff removal help here and couple of fully boosted attack ready while you cycle your deck.

Lay Waste to the Lurker

  • Defeat Lurker.

One of the most hated boss since it have a buff that gain 1 strength and daze character for every 10 cards used. Play your card carefully so it doesnt daze your main strategy character or have a debuff removal ready. If you play spammy build, just focus on scaling your damage first strategically.

Echoes Of The Deep

  • Win a run.

Congratulation! Now keep playing and try new character and strategy. Check the NPC at the start and buy new gear as well.

Iron Will

  • Complete a run without using a retry charge.

Pretty easy as you can just quit to main menu when you need to retry a fight. The only time this is useful is for secret boss which required you to fight 2 bosses back to back. Quit to main menu will required you fight 1st boss again, while retry will not

Progression (Deeper)

Just like many other roguelike game, win 1 game is just a beginning. Now you have access to more difficulty that will challenge your skill playing this game.



  • Win a run on difficulty 3.


  • Win a run on difficulty 5.


  • Win a run on difficulty 10.

If i want to write every strategy i used while grinding this, it will be too long. So I will just list down of basic strategy below.

First thing i like to think about my damage type & scaling. Either physical (sword icon) which scaled by rage & strength or magical (scroll icon) which scaled with corruption and intellect. Then I like to find balance between vertical scaling (scaling stacks) or horizontal scaling (free 0 cost cards generation). If you focus too much on 1 side, you will struggle vs 1 type of elite or boss as it will counter your main strategy. The game also generously allow you to switch damage type of your attack, opening to many of powerful combo.

Card boost / upgrade is one important aspect of the game. Slick (combined with On-Boost card) pretty strong with 0 cost cards. Innate & Nailed both will make sure you able to use card at specific turn. While shrine / event upgrade like -1 energy, remove first level boost or double the boost are key strategy for you to get good cards. Even basic stack upgrade (corruption, rage, poison, scorch, spike & aim) is good toward your scaling strategy

Make full use of shops as it can give you alot options, especially removing cards that doesnt fit your strategy. I also like to make full use of Ingward “blood cost” shop for risk / reward as long it doesnt make you fail your run.

Defensive & utility also important! I have played the game for very long time and ignore some useful card like push, cleanse or card that give +1 energy. Generally you just want enough block so you could survive enemy hit, then manage the aggro afterward. Alternatively, saving right potions for tough fight is also game winning.

Lastly, experiment! The beauty of this game is for you discover new things that you could never imagined. Even while writing this guide, I still learning new stuff while watching the gameplay video for this game.

Depth 5

You wouldnt able to access the Depth 5 until you have 5 wins in your profile (difficulty won doesnt matter). However, you need to do specific actions before you can access it. It also home to one of the hardest encounters in the game. Map always be the same with a shrine, a shop, an elite fight and the final boss fight.

Where Are You Hiding

  • Unlock the catacombs

You need to collect 2 secret trinkets called Stone Tablet & Bonsai. You will start to see each relic after you kill elite in depth 2, 3 or 4

A Broken Crown

  • Defeat Baruch.

Addition to wrath mechanic, this boss have a buff that prevent any character targeted by the boss with single attack, unable to gain block. Hopefully you followed up all previous strategy I mentioned and you will chance to beat this boss

Heir To The Throne

  • Defeat Lorien.

Annoying boss that stop all your relic until you remove the curse. Additionally it also can cast Black Mass, which remove all of your buffs (except the one that give scaling).

Secret Boss

If you confident with your skill, you now can finally tackle the final secret boss which required much different strategy than many other encounters. I will write specific strategic information specifically for this boss so you will have a higher chance to success.

No Turning Back

  • Gain the key to the secret crypt.

You need to have 100 gold after you beat the Depth 4 boss. Then you will able to buy the key from Margaret in her shop.

And once you have the key, you will able to trigger the secret boss fight after defeating either Lorien or King Baruch at the end of Depth 5

Fallen Angel

  • Banish Samael.

Defeat Samael in a death march run.

First thing you need to know is the 400 damage threshold. The number will not reset every turn, thus the best strategy is to deal chip damage with small attack until 399, then deal 1 big blow at the end before the boss become immune.

There is 1 curse that reflect damage back 100x your character taken back to the boss. If you think you could survive it, you can try NOT attacking the boss (reducing the wrath stack) while building up block in other character so you defend next attack. DONT DO THIS if the boss is immune or you will waste the curse. Fully block wont use up the curse. Max is 3k reflect.

Alternatively, you can make the boss grant you this curse per mind control instead just giving you once per fight.

Daze management & aggro is most important here. You can ruin your block planning because you spamming to many cards. Save the attack of character you wanted the boss to attack last, the boss dont accidentally kill your squishy / blockless character. Hopefully you have some debuff removal or you might ended up drawing 0 card in next turn

For death march difficulty, it is pretty much the same except you now have much lower health to play around with. I recommend you stockpile couple of stun or mind control potion while you grinding other achievement.

If you got this, then you pretty much settled to achieve 100% achievement for this game.

Miscellaneous (Easy)

This will be section for achievement where you can get it by strategic planning and hope that RNG lined up everything for you. I will order this section based on global achievements, meaning less people unlocked the achievement as I go down the list.

Deft Hands

  • Play 20 cards in a single turn.

Hunter, Thief & Wizard will have easy time here. Those class have easy access to generating 0 cost card, card discount, card draw & extra energy. Additionally, you try to try find those relic with similar concept

Stop Hitting Yourself

  • Make an enemy defeat itself.

You can either use Mind Control card from Priest or Mind Control potion and use their attack to land finishing blow on themselves.

There is also an enemy called Quarter Master also can be mindcontrolled. I dont think any method that make monster killing each other count.


  • Brew 5 potions.

Once you played couple of runs, you will have enough crafting materials & red candles to buy potion recipe from NPC. Use alchemy at start of the run to brew new potions


  • Have 100 poison on a single enemy.

Thief specific achievement

To stack high poison, you need to use those card that “Gather Poison” as shuriken only add 1 poison stack each. Since normal monster will die faster before you could apply 100 poison stacks, best to be used on more tougher depth boss.

Feast Master

  • Feed a companion 30 times in a single combat.

Hunter specific achievement

To feed the companion, just drag food toward center of the screen. There is another card that give you cooked salmon. Alternatively, the campfire card have flurry tag thus you can use it with multiple fllury stacks to spawn a lot of food.

Rage Incarnate

  • Have 300% rage.

Warrior specific achievement

Aside from normal rage card or potion, the best rage generator are those rare buff card that you usually get from depth boss. While you could try to stack rage while blocking every weak enemy attack, probably it is much easier to do it during boss fight.

Foul Play

  • Have 300 corruption on a single enemy.

Priest specific achievement

Priest have plenty of corruption card that is also a block card, making it easier than other stacks achievement. Alternatively you could also use the corruption generator buff rare card that you usually get from depth boss.

Spiked Vengeance

  • Have 100 spikes.

Necromancer specific achievement

Spikes usually come in large amount from various card, making the hard part is to manage the aggro so the enemy wouldnt die to spikes before you have enough stacks. I believe you need 100 spikes one character, instead of cumulative on multiple characters.

Glorious Stirring Sigh

  • Kill an enemy with the toad.

Toad is a relic that deal 3 magical damage at start of the turn. The strategy here is to reduce enemy health low enough so that toad will able to kill it on the next turn.


  • Have 8 energy in a single turn.

Hunter, Thief and Wizard all have access to several +1 energy card in their diposal, but i believe the easiest one is to get multiple potions that give +2 energy each.


  • Have 8 skeletons next to Monstro.

Necromancer specific achievement

Monstro is alternate summon that improve other skeleton. Once you upgrade the monstro card, it will have nailed property which make it stay in your hand while you summon more skeletons. Do take note of hand size mechanic, since skeleton’s spectral buff only allowed for +5 hand size, making you have only have max 15 hand size by default.

Fistfuls of Flurry

  • Have 6 flurry in a single turn.

Hunter and wizard both have easy access to card that give multiple flurry stacks. Once you buy flurry potion recipe from NPC, you can start a run with 4 flurry potion and try to get several wizard’s relic which also give you couple of flurry stacks.

Beware when using your card, because any card with flurry tag will consume the flurry stack prematurely.

Miscellaneous (Tricky)

This section for achievement that required more in depth knowledge and multiple tries before you can obtain them. Some of them can be brutal.

Unlimited Power

  • Deal over 1000 damage.

You need to deal damage in 1 instance, meaning 2 times 500 attack doesnt work. The easiest is stack alot of corruption on enemy while you dealing magical damage that boosted by huge aim stacks from hunter. Alternative you could to find source of vulnerable or target Quell The Keeper that specifically have “boosted card deal 300% damage” buff.

Gold Hoarder

  • Have 250 gold.

Pretty tricky and abit of RNG. The goal is to start the run with extra gold then try enter as many normal or elite combat nodes as possible. Hopefully you also get several events that give you some gold. If you having issue not having enough power, then you could visit Ingward merchant buy stuff or remove card at cost of your character health.

I believe you also must venture to depth 5 since i only gather 248 cold after depth 4 boss in my run. There 1 more elite fight before the last boss that could net you last 25++ gold.

Reflected Retribution

  • Reflect a reflected attack.

This was the last achievement I unlocked which took me about 15 hours of retrying the game over and over again until I have get both Ornate Mirror and Digger Meat elite fight.

2 relic that can help you here are Joker Card which give you 1 extra card reward and Shrubbery relic which allow NPC to have more card in their shop

Even if you managed to find the Ornate Mirror card, you arent guaranteed to find the Digger Meat, the elite which can use reflect. As a warning DO NOT PICK TOAD RELIC, as toad attack at start of the turn, which will remove the reflect buff on the enemy. I learnt that the hard way.

If you dont mind cheating abit, i have 2 alternatives that can make your life less miserable in the spoiler below.

Save file / Elite fight RNG manipulation method

When you reach depth 3 with Ornate Mirror

  1. Create a backup for all files inside.
    C:\Users\%UserProfile%\Saved Games\deepest_chamber_saves\\profile_1\
  2. Disable steam cloud save.
  3. Now in game, count how many combat between start and elite. You need 3 for guaranteed Digger Meat. Non-Combat is shrine, event or shop, order doesnt matter.
  • Start -> Combat -> Combat -> Combat -> Elite
  • Start -> Any non combat -> Combat -> Combat -> Elite
  • Start -> Combat -> Any non combat -> Any non combat -> Elite

Try 1 path, if you failed to find Digger Meat, restore backup (make sure game is closed) then try another path until you get it. If you failed, then you have start from beginning.

Unending Pain

  • Defeat an end boss in the 1st round.

In order to make mistake like I did, the end boss here is referring to the last boss that will give you win the run. Depth 4 by default and depth 5 if you collect 2 key trinkets (or that secret boss if you are crazy).

This achievement required a lot of prepration and deep understanding how combat works in this game. First you need to collect several potions that help you scale your damage quickly in first turn such vulnerable, replication, exhaust, corruption, intellect or energy potion. You also required to hunt specific “Combat start :” relic, and several other that can give you either draw, more energy or 0 card generation.

Easiest character combination for me are Hunter, Thief and Wizard. Mostly because all of them have access to 0 cost card generation, alot of draw option, some +1 energy card, card discount as well as several character specific relic that can help you with bursting the boss down. Combine with shrine & event boost upgrade, hopefully you have a deck that full of card you able to play several times.

One strategy that helped me is to combine “On-boost” card like Lupa (Hunter’s companion) or Arcane power (draw card on boost) with slick. Expect to play something like 50++ cards in one turn.

What Have You Tamed

  • Shrink Prince Lorien.

Purely RNG. You need to buy Leo’s Failed Experiment card, which have ability to shrink enemy from either Margaret or Ingward shop. Try to find Shrubbery relic, which increase the amount of cards appearing in the shop.

To find Lorien, you need to collect both Stone Tablet & Bonsai secret trinkets from any elite fight in depth 2, 3 or 4. You have 50/50 chance to find it.


Once you completing all achievement, sometimes the last achievement doesnt trigger properly. Just quit the game and re enter to trigger.


  • Have all achievements.
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  1. A useful hint: Ornate Mirror card is belong to Character Thief so you should recruit him to search this card during the run.

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