Dinkum – How to Move Farm Animals to Another Location

Your first pen is too small? Having trouble moving your chickens? Can’t pick them up? Look no further!

Guide to Move Farm Animals to Another Location

Transferring Animals

Easy Steps to follow to transfer your pets.

  • When your new location for an animal pen is ready, pick up all the old feeders and animal housing then put them in your bag.
  • Place the feeders and housing on the new location then go back to the first location.
  • Dismantle the fences of the original animal pen you made so that your pets can walk out easy.
  • Now you have to whistle to your pets so that they follow you by pressing Enter on the keyboard and clicking on the Whistle Icon.
  • Walk away a few blocks then whistle again.
  • Keep doing step 5 til all your pets are in the new Enclosure.

That’s it for moving your animals. Enjoy the game!

Bonus tip

Make sure to max the permit for handling pets and you will get the blueprint for the silo. It is used for automatically placing the feeds on the feeding box every morning.

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