Dire Destiny: Time Travel – Playing Poison Guide

Beginner’s to intermediate’s guide to playing poison.

Guide to Playing Poison


This guide is to help review Poison cards and get you started to being a beast at stalling and destroying your enemy. Poison is particularly good at keeping consistent damage, unlike burn, poison stacks will only go down by 1 at the end of your turn, leaving for a lot of opportunities to build more stacks. The downside to poison is a lack of ability to quickly build up a massive amount of poison so turn 1 boss battles are few and unlikely.

Poison Cards

Highly Recommended 10/10 – 2 copies+

It is your main damage card, doesn’t use any poison stacks which opens the opportunity for a burst of damage. Easily scaling damage without waiting to end your turn.

Highly Recommended 8/10 – 2 Copies

Great card early game and late game, adding extra poison stacks with every hit. Works great with equipment cards.

Hightly Recommended 8/10 – 1+ Copy

A free draw and poison to add on top of it. Low cost, and will always be a good card to draw into.

Recommended 6/10 – 2 Copies

A solid early game card to apply poison, and fuses well with any card in your deck. Very versatile, but not particularly powerful.

Recommended 6/10 – 1 Copy

Its a decent card using your discard pile to add more poison stacks. You won’t be getting more than 10 poison stacks using this card late game and only about 4 poison stacks early game so it’s not a great card considering it takes a slot in your hand you can’t play until the end of your turn. (Keep one copy at most)

Optional 5/10

Decent opener, adds extra damage with no cap unlike Venom fuel. It does cleanse all poison stacks which in results inhibits Venom Pulse, you’ll still find niche uses out of this card that you’ll use only sometimes.

Optional – 4/10

Expensive card, allows poison to tick twice, can be a little buggy and the card itself costs way more compared to every other poison card. It is only recommended to pick up this card if you have an excess amount of energy in your build, and a relatively small deck.

Optional 4/10

Early game card, uses 2 energy, and recovers the enemies poison stacks. Ideally you want to use this after you have used cards like Dissolvant and other equipment cards to reset your turn but keep all your buffs. You’re better off using it early in the turn since it can be very easy to overcap your energy using this card.

Optional 4/10

Not a great card, the upgraded version turns this into a 2 cost but you’ll find yourself using spells most of the time making this card obsolete in the face of Dissolvant.

Optional 3/10

As powerful as it seems to add 4 damage and 6 poison. The opponent must have block, making this a bad card to have in a starting hand, and should be a first card played on your second turn. It is pretty niche but can work in slower deck builds.

Not Recommended 1/10

Might be a quirky card but because of the potential to accidentally draw into it. It makes this card dead weight most of the time. Would work with multiple stacks of Dissolvant but there are just better options.

Other Cards

A typical equipment card based on stacking defense. With limited defensive options this will provide a solid 5 block early game and 20 to 50 block late game.

Overpowered when fused. A free card to play in any situation.

A solid defensive card prevent you from taking too much damage.

A niche but cheap offensive card used in situations that have you paying more energy than normal.

A free draw card when played right. It’s also a good filler card to mulligan into giving you less cards to dead draw into.

A extremely powerful energy regeneration card. Hard to beat this.

Default starter card on most builds. It’s decent but takes a lot of effort to play.

You’ll have a lot of action points while playing Poison, so drawing with battle will is great to have.

Easy Rotation Deck

  • 2X – Charged Crystal (Fused with Focus+ or Third Eye)
  • 1X – Dissolvant
  • 0X to 20X – Anything you want

If you can get two of these (unlocked via treasure nodes), fuse it with Third eye, or Focus+, and you got an infinite rotation if played as the last card in your deck. Used with Dissolvant and you got infinite poison. Does not matter how big your deck is as long as you can play through your entire deck with a charged crystal in your hand.

Damage Deck

  • 3X – Venom Pulse+
  • 2X – Throwing Dagger+
  • 2X – Dissolvant
  • 1X – Junkyard Venom
  • 2X – Ponder (or any other Energy Regen)
  • 2X – Acid Shot
  • 2X – Venom Chant
  • 1X – Battle Will
  • 1X – Balanced Stance

Simple Rotational damage deck that utilises the high draw power of Throwing Dagger and Battle Will to use as many cards possible, then cycling through Venom chants and Acid shots to build as many poison stacks possible. Finishing off opponents using Venom Pulse+. Most rounds will finish within 3-4 turns so it is recommended to carry some defensive equipment such as Balanced Stance and Leg Sweep.

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