Disfigure – Infinite Score Build Guide

Infinite score sleeper build using the knife.

Guide to Infinite Score Build


Decided to stop after 100 million.


Perks Used

Gameplay and Notes

  • With all the range bonuses you hit the entire screen, using the “FROZEN BLADE” everything will also be permanently frozen.
  • Except for bonus electrical damage, avoid taking any elemental stuff, the extra effects will probably crash your game.
  • Once you gain most of the perks you are basically immortal, the only limitation is your time spent in game, took me around 4 hours to get 100 million.

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  1. In case it helps, the important upgrades besides the perks marked in the guide are akimbo (comes from an upgrade of the shield) I don’t remember the masive circle of light but it also comes from a shield upgrade, deflection rounds which is an upgrade from the slow enemy bullets, and that’s what I used mostly for the 3m points achievement.

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