Dragonscapes – All Working Codes

Embark on a tropical adventure to mysterious new islands and find dragons!

Join your best friend, Mia, and her team on a tropical adventure on a remote island! There you will find and collect many new dragons and build a cozy home for them on your island. How many dragons can you find? Let’s find out!

Dragonscapes adventure is a casual game based on exploration for energy, where you can find and combine dragons to discover new species. Build your own house on a tropical island and craft various products to complete orders, and don’t forget to join Mia on her adventures to new islands!

All Dragonscapes Working Codes

Active Codes

  • mt9p2z – 8 Wood + 3 Truffles
  • octmwb – 5 Petals + 50 Coins + 80 Energy
  • z9du27 – 100 Coins + 1 Nutty Chocolate
  • 788g3m – 100 Coins, 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • fool23 – 50 Coins, 5x Petals, 80 Energy
  • 48bbwv – Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • nkzc4f – Some reward.

Expired Codes

  • kf1hp1 – 2x Petals & 1x Raspberry
  • bjvykt – Free Rewards
  • nyhs96 – 2x Petals & 1x Raspberry
  • ms5gj9 – 2x Petals & 1x Raspberry
  • vjb3qt – 100 Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • mtesg5 – 3x Watering Cans & 200 Coins
  • r3xtnv – 100 Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • xqyspt – 2x Petals & 3x Nutty Chocolate
  • 3mdbkn – 100 Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • hny222 – 15x Petals, 10x Energy, & 300 Coins
  • b25143 – 2x Petals & 1x Raspberry
  • yqbhht – 2x Petals & 3x Nutty Chocolate
  • eebhcb – 100 Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • j3rjqu – 3x Petals & 20 Energy
  • kc3p90 – 1x Strawberry & 1x Lightning Ticket
  • nth3uu – 100 Coins & 1x Nutty Chocolate
  • da2022 – 5x Petals, 80 Energy, & 50 Coins

How to Redeem Dragonscapes OP Working Codes

  1. Run the Dragonscapes game.
  2. At the upper right of the screen, click the Settings button.
  3. In the Settings menu, press the blue Gift icon.
  4. In the text box, type a code from our list.
  5. To get rewards, press the Okay button.

How to Play Dragonscapes

You’ll be flying to a lonely tropical island inhabited by dragons! Create your own dreamscape on the island, where you and your pet dragons can thrive in peace. Explore the area for additional collectible dragons, and farm for items to sell for cash! In this cute simulation game, see whether you can become the ultimate dragon tamer.

How to Get More Codes

As they become available, codes will be posted on the official Dragonscapes Facebook page. If you keep an eye on it, you can keep up with the game because they upload frequently. Additionally, we will keep track of any new codes, so be sure to return to this page frequently to see what has been added.


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