Dream Car Builder – The Secret of Making Cars Faster than 300 Kmh

One of the biggest problems is, that engine only cars with high acceleration or high speed get out of control too easily. But sometimes under certain circumstances a car somehow allows more high speed. Here i explain, why it is like it is and how you can use this knowledge to get a faster car stable. Be warned! Making a high speed car actually work takes much more time than making a normal speed car perfect!

The Wobble Effect and How to Overcome It

All credit goes to Kohlenstoff !

You may already have noticed during the game, how the tires begin to wobble, when you are very fast. Here you can see it in detail.

This car seems to drive stable. The reason for this is not the actual secret. This car drives stable because the full frame resonates well together with the tires. Such resonance can be made accidentially. You try something and suddenly your car works way better. You try something different and it stops working and reverting without undo function often doesn’t bring the working condition back. And you wonder why.

But here is the actual secret:

You may have noticed, that this car accellerates in 8 seconds from 0 to 370 kmh. After some more time it reaches 441 kmh without getting out of control. During this video i just pushed the forward button. There is no need to correct it. It has also no spoiler and the air resistance is at standard setting (points).

But now to the little secret. A decoupled steering and wheelset diverts the shocks of the wobbling tires and helps to keep the car on course. It is not easy to make a working decoupling for a car. You have to adjust it much more precisely than most common shocks to get it working. But when it works it keeps your car stable.

To make a decoupled steering you need to place the axle of the wheels on one stable middle point. The outer points should only have contacts with shocks, rods or absorbers. The ends of the rods need to be placed on shocks too. But this is also tricky because the shocks work of course also against the steering. Use not a middle point. Use two connected shocks like you see in the video. The best way is to use two rods forming a triangle. This gives more stability. A more sophisticated way is to place a completely suspended counter against these suspended rods. These give a bit more control back. But too much counterpressure may remove the positive effects of the suspended steering.

If you take the time to develop the suspended steering and adapt it to your car, you can speed through the desert like this.

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