DUCKSIDE – Basic Guide (Playtest)

Guide to Basics


In the game, you start at a random point in the world. Your goose has nothing in the inventory. Everything needs to be gathered, and there are a few important first recommendations.

You can make an axe by using stone and wood. By pressing Z, you can see available blueprints, and by hovering over them, you can determine the amount of resources needed for crafting. Not all blueprints are available and they are found either in boxes or can be dismantled for blue feathers (in-game currency) to get a blueprint.

Game Resources

  • Wood – building, crafting of first items. Looks like wood, when destroyed it is obtained. By burning, we get charcoal.
  • Stone – building, crafting of first items. Looks like a grey stone, when destroyed it is obtained.
  • Iron – for smelting, to obtain metal fragments. Looks like a brown stone, when destroyed it is obtained.
  • Sulphur – needed for gunpowder and explosives. A yellow stone. To get gunpowder, mix it with coal.
  • Wire – drops from barrels, posts, and metal items.
  • Metal Sheets – needed for base upgrades. Can be recycled at recyclers (looks like a garbage bin with a pipe).
  • Alloy of Metals – used for advanced upgrading and creating more complex items.
  • Gunpowder – crafted through Z using a combination of sulphur and coal.
  • Drill, Circular Saw, Watches, Gasoline – used only for recycling into basic components.
  • Pipes – needed for creating a nail gun along with metal fragments, can be found by destroying single traffic lights.
  • Fibers – obtained by chopping wood and at most by demolishing bushes (ordinary without berries).
  • Berries – obtained from berry bushes (satisfies hunger), can strangely make a can of pineapples.
  • Mushrooms – edible, satisfy hunger (gradually increases HP when hunger is satisfied).
  • Grey Feathers – purpose not yet understood.
  • Hunter’s Flags – handed in at the wooden duck altar on the island, triggers an audible signal for all players and an air drop.
  • Blue Feathers – needed as currency to buy resources from traders, study blueprints, and craft certain items.

Weapon Components

  • Rifle Barrel – disassembled into pipes and metal.
  • Semi-Automatic Bolt – used in crafting pistols, can be recycled into metal alloy and fragments.
  • Automatic Bolt – disassembled into metal alloy and fragments.

Destructible Items

  • Single Traffic Light Poles – provide pipes with a chance, as well as wire.
  • Barrels – (color seems to have no effect on the loot).
  • Electrical Panels – provide sheet metal.
  • Wooden Crates – provide random loot.
  • Large Wooden Crate – same as the small one, but more loot.
  • Green Crate – contains valuable medical loot.
  • Bag Pile – useful medical loot.

Early Game Tactics

  • Craft a bow and arrows (you need wood, fibers, and stone).
  • Look for an easier base (usually, the top right corner of the base is easier). A base is where a green suitcase is marked on the map. The map opens with M.
  • Open the map on M, check for green suitcases, inspect the base and try to activate the loot (highlighted with a checkmark) by flying to it and pressing F. After a timer of 80-180 seconds, you can quickly collect the loot without military action by flying to it. It’s best if you have a partner who can distract the enemies.
  • The loot usually contains weapons and metal fragments necessary for creating a furnace and recycling metal scrap.
  • Upgrade your base, repeat the action on more difficult bases.


  • Airborne Troops – heavily armed, present at military bases. Skilled in combat, hard to kill with conventional weapons, shoot far and in bursts.
  • Hunters – present at most bases and can move randomly. The most dangerous ones are those with shotguns, usually guarding valuable loot.
  • Convoy – moves with an orange suitcase. By taking it to a trader and clicking the right mouse button, you can open it. You get smoke grenades: 1 regular, 1 for AIR Drop (a helicopter will come and drop supplies).
  • Wolves – seem to have been removed.
  • Ducks – other players (not always aggressive), usually hide near processing to steal your loot, or wait while you read the base or in trees. It’s observed that bots attack more aggressively when you start healing or picking up loot (might just be a coincidence).

Base and Crafting

The base allows you to build workbenches for crafting and furnaces for processing some resources (metal, coal, sulfur). It’s crucial to understand what, where, and how to build in the base.

To start building the base, you need to craft a hammer, select it, and press the left mouse button once. The construction menu will open.

The most important thing in the base is the wooden duck. To equip the base, you need to install a wooden Duck statue on the foundation. If it’s destroyed, others can take over the base or open/destroy all doors! This duck registers teammates, eliminating the need for them to enter passwords constantly.

I’ll repeat – the duck statue needs to be hidden as securely as possible and protected. Loot is hidden in crates, and their number is limited in the base.

Standard bases (levels 1-2) can be destroyed with a pickaxe and an axe, while advanced ones can only be destroyed with explosives, a grenade launcher, explosive arrows, and various types of grenades.

When placing the base, pay attention to the location and convenience. If there are other bases nearby, remember that players from them may attack you to get loot while you’re sleeping.

It’s great at the beginning of the game if you place the base near warehouses or a pool, the green suitcase. It will be easier to build and get resources because the “green suitcase” will periodically refresh.

The most important thing in the shape and construction is to make it difficult to reach the loot and destroy the duck statue.


  • Placing crates near open windows.
  • Having only one door.
  • Using simple passwords.
  • Having everything too close together.

It’s not very interesting or easy to build a base alone, so look for a party.

What kind of weapons are there?

  • Bow – 1 type
  • Crossbow – 1 type
  • Nailgun – 1 type
  • Pistols – 2 types, differ by cartridge
  • Rifles – 3 types in total, 2 can be crafted, one can only be found
  • Shotguns – 3 types, multi-barrel and double-barrel
  • Sniper rifles – 1 type
  • Grenade launchers – 1 type
  • Grenades – 2 types
  • Smoke grenades – 6 colors and 1 AIR Drop
  • Beak – can be accelerated from the air and hit

Attachments – slots are available, but they have not been added yet.

  • Using the keys E and Q – you can tilt the weapon, there is also small ballistics.
  • Holding ALT during flight allows you to look around.
  • Holding T – allows you to change the type of cartridges.
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