DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS – Map Riddle Solutions

In this guide, we will show you solutions for map riddles.

Riddle Solutions

Map Riddle 1 Solution08.24.15Ancient Mirror
Map Riddle 2 Solution15.80.80Cutlery Set
Map Riddle 3 Solution23.65.67Shuriken
Map Riddle 4 Solution33.33.54Enchanted Shuriken
Map Riddle 5 Solution37.66.38Officiant’s Staff
Map Riddle 6 Solution30.67.36Painting
Map Riddle 7 Solution39.82.61Dragon Scale
Map Riddle 8 Solution53.58.60Graphene Webbing
Map Riddle 9 Solution42.70.58Maximillian Armor
Map Riddle 10 Solution59.85.52Lordly Robes
Map Riddle 11 Solution65.44.25Meowitzer
Map Riddle 12 Solution69.42.83Cloak Of The Divine
Map Riddle 13 Solution73.14.33Maliare 9
Map Riddle 14 Solution87.54.38Malafluxare 9
Map Riddle 15 Solution98.50.52Megamalafluxare
Map Riddle 16 Solution97.46.20Escutcheon

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