ELDEN RING – Basic Actions Guide

Guide to Basic Actions


  • Walk/Run

The player moves in the direction you tilt the left stick. Tilt it slightly to walk, or tilt it fully to run.

  • Dash

Hold down the [⭘/B] button and tilt the left stick to dash. This consumes the stamina gauge.

Pressing the [R1/RB] button while dashing will turn it into a dash attack.

  • Roll

If you press the [⭘/B] button while tilting the left stick, the player will roll in that direction.

Rolling is also useful when you want to avoid enemy attacks.

  • Jump

Press the [✖/A] button to jump. If you jump while dashing, you can jump farther.

  • Step Back

Pressing the [⭘/B] button while the left stick is neutral will cause you to step back quickly. Pressing the [R1] button after stepping back will turn it into a dash attack.

  • Crouch

Press the [L3/L] button to crouch and hide. It is more effective if you crouch in the grass.

When your enemy is unaware, your first attack will cause more damage.

  • Climb Ladders

Approach a ladder and press the [△/Y] button to get on it and use the left stick to go up or down. Pressing the [⭘/B] button while going up or down will let you climb/descend quickly, and pressing the [⭘/B] button twice quickly will make you let go of the ladder and fall.

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