ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree – Sorcery Build with Dark Moon Greatsword

Sorcery (Low Skill) Build Guide

Note: This build is for people who need a low – skill build. It relies on spamming abilities mainly and staying at a fair distance from your enemy. If youre gonna hate on the build because its basically the least skill build in the game, then you should also realise that its just that, a game.


  • Dark moon greatsword +10
  • Moonveil +10
  • Carian Regal Sceptre +10
  • Golden Order Seal(Or any seal you can use) +10

Level Around 240:

  • Vig: 80
  • Mind: 40
  • Endurance: 36
  • Str: 16 (Minimum for Dark Moon Greatsword)
  • Dex: 33
  • Int: 80
  • Faith: 30
  • Arcane: 9 (Base)


  • Terra Magica
  • Comet
  • Shard Spiral
  • Rannis Dark Moon
  • Golden Vow
  • Black Flames Protection

Remaining spell slots can be used for pretty much anything.


  • Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Cerulean Hidden Tear


  • Godfrey Icon
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Magic Scorpion Charm
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield to make up for the Magic scorp


  • Helmet – Snow witch hat for the 10% damage buff to cold sorceries.
  • Rest – Your choice.

Spirit Ashes:

  • Black Knife Tiche +10 and Mimic Tear +10 (Use depending on boss).

How the Build Works

While youre in the open world use the moonveil. Its faster and deals great damage. Bossfights you use the Dark moon greatsword. For insane(and completely skilless) damage:

  • Golden Vow
  • Physick
  • Terra Magica
  • Spam Comet

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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