Enemy Front – Best Stealth Melee Guide

This is the best way to quietly melee-kill enemies.

Guide to Stealth Melee

Step 1: Get Close

Move close to the enemy.

Don’t sprint: sprinting makes you slightly faster at the cost of being noisy.

Hiding behind objects, in bushes, and in dark areas makes you harder to see.

Throw rocks to make Nazis look the wrong way.

Step 2: Whack Him in the Face!

Get in front of that guy and hit him in the face! Seriously.

The game expects you to do the “stealth kill” from behind that makes you go through an annoyingly long animation that can ruin your stealth if other enemies are nearby watching. If you hit them from the front, the bad guy drops instantly. This is much faster; giving you more time to move the body or move on.

Step 3: Good Vibes

Feel proud that you taught that fascist a lesson. It is your civic duty to hit Nazis in the face.

Due to blur (which can produce some bizarre screenshots) and the difficulty of pressing the screenshot button during combat, I could not properly capture this glorious moment, so go make some precious moments for yourself.

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