Escape Simulator – Quills and Tomes Map Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Yippy!

A short guide to help players navigate the Quills and Tomes map in Escape Simulator.

Guide to Quills and Tomes Map


This guide is intended to help the curious player that may be stuck on a particular puzzle or two.

Below, you should find two sections. The first section is for hints. Little nudges to help guide you to what the next step may be, without too much of a spoiler. The second section, is if you are truly stumped and looking for details on what may have been missed.


The following hints are intended to help nudge players that are stuck on a particular puzzle

  1. Have you looked for any spare change?
  2. Maybe you can place these coins in something? Have you seen any coin purses?
  3. Have you searched the desk from top to bottom?
  4. What could this key go to? Maybe a lock near by?
  5. Have you tried to use the key a second time?
  6. Something new seems to have appeared between the bookshelves.
  7. Have you found any notes about the order of the masks? Maybe there is more than one…
  8. These playing cards seem important. Have you tried to place them in any type of holder?
  9. What could be their order? Have you tried a different perspective, looking up?
  10. The grandfather clock is open. Have you seen any other clocks sitting around?
  11. Did anything else seem to open after the three candles were lit?
  12. Have you seen any other place that had 4 slots?
  13. Have you looked closely at the desk in the attic?
  14. What is in the fireplace?
  15. Have you seen any books that could match the clue?
  16. A small box seems to have opened near by, could this be the final piece?


This section is for players that are completely stuck on a puzzle and would like a step by step guide for the puzzle solutions. Please note, that if you do not want any puzzles spoiled, please look at the Hint section for more obscure details.

Warning: Spoilers!

  1. Collect the coins
  • There is one underneath the flower pot on the table near the front
  • Pull up the couch cushion and there should be the second

2. Place the coins the eye sockets of the skull

3. Head to the desk

4. Push the buttons (3 buttons)

  1. Collect the key and open the bottom cabinets of the desk, both locks


  1. Grab the masks and place them on the statue faces

First Position

Second Position

  1. Collect the cards and place in the wall holder
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace

Final Placement

  1. Set the clock

Clues are on the clocks


  1. Grab mini bottles

10. Go into the attic

11. Grab book

12. Place mini bottles in the storage box

Mini Bottle Hint:

Mini Bottle Box:


  1. Use key on the fireplace

14. Throw book into fireplace

15. Grab key from box

16. Escape

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