Eternal Evolution – Awakening System Guide

Basic Guide to Awakening System

What is Awakening?

The Awakening system is a form of evolution implemented in the game to empower weaker or older heroes, enabling them to compete with newer heroes.

It enhances their base stats, introduces a new awakening ultimate ability, adds new passive skills, and offers a variety of additional skills that can be unlocked from the potential tab of the awakened hero.

Which Heroes Can Be Awakened as of Right Now?

  • Summoners – Daniel, Anpu
  • Supports – Masarani, Miranda, Rez
  • Vanguards – Leo
  • Assassins – Krovaxia
  • Hunters – Riserris, Emma
  • Tanks – Womigon
  • Energy – Ravenna

Total Levels of Awakenings

How many total levels of awakenings are there for a particular hero?

There are a total 10 levels for awakening. Let’s discuss a bit about each of them from A1-A10:

  • A1 = Base Stats (+15% ATK, HP, DEF)
  • A2 = Dmg Amp+ Dmg Red
  • A3 = Awakening Passive Skill
  • A4 = Additional % stats (Varies on Heroes)
  • A5 = Awakening Ultimate Skill
  • A6 = Additional % stats (Varies on Heroes)
  • A7 = New effects to A3 and A5 potential talents
  • A8 = Dmg Dealt bonus to different types of enemies
  • A9 = PVP Dmg Bonuses
  • A10= PVP Dmg Bonuses

Soul Crystal Nucleus / Evolution Required

How many Soul crystal nucleus are required in total for each awakening and total? What evolution does my hero need to be for each awakening?

In total you need 20 soul crystal nucleus to max awaken a hero.

How to Get Materials for Awakening Heroes?

Your primary source for acquiring soul crystal nucleus shards is through the Alternate World Shop. These shards can be purchased using alternate world coins obtained from participating in the Digital War, a daily gameplay mode accessible in the Virtual Training room. Additionally, Universal and Specific crystal nucleuses can be obtained through various events/packs in game.

Should I Awaken 10 Heroes and Move on to The Next One?

It is generally recommended to awaken a hero to at least A7 to maximize the benefits of the new passive and ultimate skills before moving on to the next hero. Additionally, it is advised not to exceed A7 unless you are a pay-to-win (P2W) player, as the resource requirements for the final few levels are significantly higher than the first seven. Moreover, from a long-term perspective, it may not be worth the investment in terms of time and resources, especially considering that new awakenings are regularly introduced.

Which Hero Should Be My Priority for Awakening?

Awakening undoubtedly provides a significant boost to every hero eligible for it. However, it demands a substantial investment of resources and time, especially for free-to-play (F2P) players or those who don’t heavily invest in the game financially. Therefore, let’s delve into the extent of each hero’s benefits from awakening and establish priority considerations.

Disclaimer: For a fair and balanced comparison, all heroes are assumed to be awakened to level 7. (Krovaxia is not included since she is practically out of reach for 95%+ players).

Masarani > Miranda > Anpu > Womigon > Leo > Ravenna=Emma > Riserris > Daniel > Rez


The one and only awakened SP hero present in the game so far , it is needless to say she is very good in PVP and PVE scenarios but that also comes with a price so if you are whale/kraken she should definitely be on your prio list for awakening. The difference between a non awakened Krovaxia and awakened Krovaxia is huge.


The awakening priority should be focused on Masarani for several compelling reasons. Foremost among them is the invaluable advantage gained in PvP battles by awakening Masarani up to A7 (Awakening 7). This enhancement grants the ability to utilize him as a 6th slot, offering a significant strategic edge. Therefore, prioritizing the awakening of Masarani to A7 is strongly recommended due to the substantial benefits it provides in PvP encounters.


Miranda’s recent awakening has sparked discussions about its potential to shift the PVP meta, particularly with its striking resemblance to Masarani’s abilities. However, one drawback is that to fully capitalize on Miranda’s awakened kit, she must occupy the sixth slot in a Hunter/Energy team. In contrast, Masarani offers more versatility. Presently, Energy/Hunter teams lag behind summoners, vanguards, and even tanks in strength within the current meta. Nevertheless, this dynamic is poised to shift with the introduction of a new Energy/Hunter hero.


Anpu’s awakening fundamentally alters the performance of summoners in both PvP and PvE scenarios. The awakened Anpu singularly has revolutionized the summoner meta, elevating them from a disadvantaged position in PvP to one of the top-tier teams. With the awakening of Anpu Ultimate and the activation of its potential talents at A7, Anpu transforms into an unparalleled damage dealer. In terms of damage output, it stands out as the most potent awakening thus far in the game, second only to the Awakened SP hero Krovaxia


Womigon’s awakening bears striking resemblance to Leo’s awakening. Moreover, Womigon’s A3 received a notable buff, granting him Guardian State for a specific duration, thus enhancing his resilience during combat in last patch. The addition of tank support through Kanis and the introduction of the new tank-specific prototype like the Rebirth Band have collectively bolstered tank teams significantly. Consequently, tanks are now capable of overcoming a wide array of team compositions, marking a substantial improvement in their overall performance.


Let’s be clear: Leo’s awakening remains viable, but the meta has shifted. With the influx of newer, more powerful awakenings since Leo’s debut, his once prominent position has begun to wane. He’s slipping behind the curve and isn’t quite as formidable as he once was just a few months ago.


The newest addition to the awakened heroes Ravenna performs great compared to before however the problem is Energy team right now is not upto par in PVP compared to rest of teams and loses to 90% of teams in PVP, even with awakened Ravenna energy team can’t beat summoners which should naturally be a favorable battle for them , hopefully we will get new energy team frontline or support heroes in future that will make energy team stronger and in return the value of Ravenna awakening will go higher too. But as it stands right now she is very niche even though she is the newest awakening.


While it’s important not to overlook Riserris’ awakening potential, it’s crucial to understand that achieving success with a hunter team requires meeting several prerequisites. These include acquiring items like bionic bracers and making substantial investments in gear and evolve levels. Given these requirements, it’s generally advised not to prioritize the allocation of awakening materials towards Riserris.


Daniel was indeed the first hero to receive awakening capabilities in the game. However, as time has progressed and numerous new hero awakenings have been introduced, he has regrettably lost his edge. Consequently, he should no longer be considered a priority, as his awakening potential talents fail to measure up against those of other heroes.


Since you can awaken Rez for free by buying his nucleus shards from galactic arena shop every reset, you should not invest other resources on him.


Emma awakening is more like a luxury and not a necessity since hunters are not great in PVP, it does outperform Riserris by a huge margin. It is generally not advised to invest into hunters either way since they get outperformed by a lot of other classes.

I hope you found this helpful!

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