Fallout 3 – Instant Crash Fix

Instant Crash Fix after Patch

  • Go to Settings->System->Display->Graphics settings
  • Then click Browse and select Windows->Program Files (x86)->Steam->steamapps->common->Fallout 3 goty->Fallout3.exe
  • Once you selected Fallout3.exe it should appear under the “Browse” button, click it and then choose options under it. Select High performance and save
  • Then click Browse again and choose Windows->Program Files (x86)->Steam->steamapps->common->Fallout 3 goty->FalloutLauncherSteam.exe
  • FalloutLauncherSteam.exe should now also appear under the “Browse” button. Click it and select High performance and save again. (Be sure to do this to both Fallout3.exe and FalloutLauncherSteam.exe, otherwise it might not work).

Now close your settings window and go to Steam and enjoy playing Fallout 3. Hope this helped you out if you were wondering how to get it working.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Also to note, I also had to do this to FalloutLauncherSteam.exe as mine was still crashing. If the above doesn’t work add the launcher as well.

  2. This worked right away thank you! For everyone else make sure to do both FalloutLauncherSteam.exe and Fallout3.exe, I missed the steam one so it didn’t work first time around

  3. I was at my wits’ end trying to make this game work. I finally figured out that my graphics card was where the problem was at and this guide saved me from going completely insane.

  4. It worked!!!! thank you so much, I was trying to find how to fix it, I did it with 3 different methods and finally this was the one that worked.

  5. I still can’t get it to go beyond the initial starting screen 🙁
    Is there anything else I nee to do before, or does this work for you after simply downloading and installing Fallout via Steam?

    • Yeah just did those steps and the game started and ran just fine, if it keeps still crashing or crashes after the main menu there is something else wrong. This only fixes the graphics problems with the game

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