Treasure of Nadia – How to Change Names and Relationships

Update the way MC and other characters will refer to each other.

Guide to Change Names and Relationships


  • PC: go to the config.set file in the Treasure of Nadia > www folder
  • MAC: Right click on and choose “Show Package Contents”
  1. Go to Resources > app.nw > config.set
  2. Replace the text in the config.set file with new names (after making a backup in case something goes wrong). Be sure to keep the commas, spaces, and casing the same as the original or you might have issues.
  3. Launch game.
  4. When the game says you have an altered file and asks you if you want to change it back say no. It will ask a few more times when you save or reload, but eventually stop.

As an example of what you can do, you can replace Kaley’s and Janet’s relationships to Sister and Mom by pasting the exact following sequence:

Bro,Dear,My Brother's,My Son's,1Hero's,My Brother,My Son,1Hero,My big Brother,My little boy,Your little boy,Sis,My Sister's,Your Sister's,My Sister,Your Sister,My little sis,Your little sis,Sister,Mommy,Mom,Mom,My Mom's,Your Mom's,Mom,Your Mom,My Mommy's,Your Mommy's,My Mommy,Your Mommy,Mom,Jessica,Pricia,Naomi,Madalyn,Maddy,Maddy,Diana,Di,Diana,Diana,Michael,Mike,Mike,Clare,Clare,Sam,Alia,Ali,Alia,Tasha,Tasha,Joey,Joe,Corn,Cornell,Dr Amor,Jessica,Jess,Jess,Albert,Al,Sofia,Emily,Emily,Evie,Cape Vedra,Beach,Home,House,Library,Doctor Office,Church,Cemetary,Lighthouse,Squallmart,Full Mast,Mansion,Massage Parlor,Estero Key,Estero,Estero Lake,Estero State Park

Of course, you can always change everyone’s names to whatever you like, so don’t feel limited. After all, this is fantasy.

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