Fargone – Quest Guide

A simple short guide for those struggling to figure out what to do with some of the quest.

Guide to Quests

Learning The Ropes

This is the starting quest the pops up when you first start the game, hitting accept will send you into the town that’s directly behind you when you spawn which in turn will start the main quest lines for the Runner faction, he will be needed to be spoken to twice to start the next mission, indicated by the gold/white rhombus.

Ran Too Far

After accepting the quest from Sal to speak to Enver, you will be prompted with two quest choices, we will talk about the one about the missing runners first, this mission marker will lead you up north to a sawmill by following the road just outside of town and following the curve right that will lead you to 2 barn like storage buildings and some red shipping containers, 2 runners are located in this area, one is inside the buildings that has radiation inside while the other is located in between some of the red shipping containers, the third missing runner (Nadine) has written down on a note located in the other building on a table about going north to a church to chase down the bandits who killed her friends.

Once you head north over the mountain, you will see a church located at the bottom, to the left of it are some rock formations that will have a Nadine located at them watching the church and you will be prompted to talk to her, she will ask in help clearing out the bandits in the camp totaling up to 5, once the task has been finished it will send you back to Enver, completing the mission.

My Brother Harver

The second quest Harver will have for you will send you to his brothers to deliver a package for him, this will just simply require you to head east and follow the curve of the road south from there and deliver the package to his brother there.

Farm Raiders

The next quest from here will be given by Harver who has had some problems with some bandits, he has asked you to go rescue his sons who were captured, this mission isn’t far thankfully so all you have to do is head east following the waters edge with it to your right and just past Days End Bar you will see a makeshift land bridge, across that is a small camp where the sons and 5 bandits will be located.

I dont think the sons have a spawn, they just automatically count as saved once the 5 bandits have been killed so dont worry if you dont see them.

For Science Purposes

This is a mini side quest given by Enver after helping out his brother Harver, he will want some severed zombie arms that you will aquire naturally through playing.

Actually For Science

This is a quest given LT Haydes at the Science HQ, she just mostly wants you to gather 5 husk heads similar to the severed arms mission from Enver, i have had my best experience gathering them from just going into the hazard zone and killing the glowing eyed zombies who also drop severed arms for Enver, making it so you can work on both missions at once.

Those Who Need It

A quest given by Sgt Kain at the military base east of Strathem (usually found wondering outside the walls), he task you with attacking a nearby bandit base thats guarded by several bandits and grabbing a laptop that was left behind when the bandits pushed them out of the area, the laptop itself is located in the large industrial building on the floor that has all the sleeping tents with the laptop right next first tent on the right.

Lumber Hunter

The trader located at Days End Bar has a quest to check on a nearby lumber mill and the lumberjack that is there and clear out any husk, the mill itself is extremely close to the east of the bar, once you get there the place is flooded with husk and when you clear them out, there will be a note inside the camp on top of one of sawhorses explaining that the lumberjack has ran to a nearby camp of his that is located south following the mountains edge, he will be asleep under a makeshift tarp tent with a fire barrel outside of it.

Rescue – Missing Scientist

A mission give by the Days End Bar mission board, it is a contract set up by the military to look for a scientist that has gone missing in the Hazard Zone, they are located near the large crashed plane near the marker it gives you, they will be surrounded by husk so be quick because soon as your close enough where it updates your objective, it will cause the zombies to spawn with exploding husk sometimes in the mix, it will prompt you to clear the area.

The mission is currently bugged and over the many reloads that i tried, it never counts the zombies ive killed for clearing, but i found a temporary fix, just keep talking to the scientist over and over again and it will count as 1 husk killed each time for some reason.

Big Game

A task given by Catcher who is at the Days End Bar wants you to investigate a infected deer that has killed numerous barren inhabitants and request you to put it down and return its antler as proof so a knife will be needed, once you get to the marker you will see a cave with green vines hanging from the ceiling, the deer should be located in the very back but ive noticed you can lure the deer to the front of the cave and it will get stuck if you lead it to the left side of the entrance, once its dead you just have to harvest its antler and return it back to Catcher.

A New Threat

A quest given by Catcher at the Days End Bar who task you with going to talk to LT Haydes who is at the Science HQ and find out more about the infected deer that you killed earlier, you just have to simply talk to her and it finishes the quest.

Unknown Origins

After talking to LT Haydes about the infected deer, she tells you she sent some scientist to investigate the new strain of infections happening and have gone missing, before even venturing down into the Hazard Zone, just head to the edge from the HQ that overlooks it and look for a giant tree with some glowing vines hanging off of it, head down to it and look around the edges of the tree on the ground facing opposite of the Science HQ, you will see some blood, an arm, and a note, reading the note will progress the quest to finding the other.

To find the next scientist, simply head West until you hit the mountains, once you get to the mountains you will start to see what looks like a long line of pipes running out of the mountain and heading South, dont follow the pipes but just to the left of the pipes and you will see a building that has sunk a bit in the water and has a crashed heli on the roof, head inside the building and go upstairs, immediately take a left and then another hard left and you will see the scientist wrapped by vines with a note at his feet, reading the note will task you with finding one more scientist.

To find this scientist you just have to exit the building and follow the pipes you saw earlier and head south till your reach a small compound, it should have a few hollow guards patrolling, once there taken care of, head into the building that looks like a office complex, head up the stairs to the 2nd floor and you will be given some dialogue, once past the dialogue, head upstairs to the 3rd floor and you will be greeted by infected husk.

Make sure to head to the roof for the rare cache.

The Core

After finishing the quest for finding the 3 scientist, LT Haydes discovers that most of the growths are coming from underground, shes sending you to a sewer hatch located back at the UG Labs where you were before, tucked away in the far right corner there will be a manhole leading down underground, make sure to save before going down as the area has really strong enemies, once underground make your way to the main chamber that has what looks like a nuclear reactor in the center of it, enemies are in the room so be sure to take them out, running circles around the top catwalk works best for me, and once they are finished, head to the center of the room with what appears to be multiple tables and computers, on 3 of the 4 desk there will be notes you need to read, if the mission still says look for more evidence, just re read the notes again till it says to go back to LT Haydes.

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