Fear & Hunger – How to Kill Guard in One-Man Party

Just a simple guide for how to kill a guard with a one-man party.

Guide to Beat Guard Alone

First thing first

Well met fellow forsaken dungeon divers. If you are reading this before even starting the game, I advise you to try it blind for a bit. Take it as a test run! lose, learn, and make the next try better. Every enemy in this game is like a little puzzle, and in this guide I will be spoiling the solution for this one.

How to kill it

  • Go for his left arm. It does most of the damage and can cut limbs.
  • Guard!

The guard will try to grab you with his right arm in the second round and if you fail the coin toss you will automatically lose and not only the battle.

If you guard yourself he will always miss the grab attack.

  • Take out the “stinger”.

It has a small chance to attack you every turn after it pulsates. It may be a small chance, but the attack is strong. On top of that, your ass is safe even if you lose after taking the “stinger” out.

  • Attack the torso for nice damage to his main health.
  • Guard again.
  • Attack the torso until it is dead.
  • Beat up his corpse to assert dominance.

Congratulations! You defeated the guard with minimal health damage taken.

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