First Class Escape 2: Head in the Clouds – Planetarium Code Solution Tips

This guide give you some tips to solve the quest to find planetarium code.

How to Get Planetarium Code

If you still have the metal grid still closed:

The agent mentions on one of the crypted messages, that he wrote the combination for the metal grid at the back cover of the Maximus, which you can find from the “M” section.

As well, he mentions that he crypted it, as A=0, B=1, C=2, etc.

If you have the metal grid opened:

As you find the booklet “Planetary alignments”, look for the “The Global Maxima of the Solar System”.

The info was given by Frank after you complete the musical device at the end of the library.

Note: It is normal to not be able to align planet 1 (the one closest to the center) with planet 4. You should’t be able nor need to.

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