For the Queen – Build to Beat a Queen

Did you want to know what build is needed to overthrow the queen? Read this guide.

How to Beat the Queen

I recommend 2 or more of tanky units like:

  • Dark Elf Executioner with evade up gear like the Awarded greave (evasion tank).
  • Orc Landkeeper with HP+ and defensive gear like the Bestowed Armor.
  • Werewolf with the Gem of Soul + any defensive gear you can find.

2 or more DPS units like:

  • Elf Elementalist with MATK+ gear.
  • Privateer with crit+ gear (he’ll like 2-shot most backline enemies).

And at least one, preferably two support units like:

  • Bone Necromancer.
  • Succubus.
  • Holy Elf.

On my last couple winning runs, I had either a Werewolf or an Orc Landkeeper, a Dark Elf Executioner, a Privateer, a Bone Necromancer, and miscellaneous ranged units as filler.

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