Fox Simulator – How to Get a Nice Collector Score

Some tips to getting a better score! Lots of pictures for demonstration.

Guide to Get a Nice Collector Score

Dealing with Frustrations

You’re going to miss a lot, timing in a chase is crucial! Biting early will slow your speed and lock you in a direction. Forest terrain is rough with its steep hills and thick vegetation. Rabbits will out-pace a fox’s stamina.

Failing is just part of the process, you get better over time!

Some bugs that can appear during game-play:

  • Rabbits tend to disappear mid-chase or suddenly freeze.
  • Once you drop a dead prey you can’t pick it back up.

Where to Hunt and Why

In score collecting, there are 2 allowed types of turn-in.

Forest rabbits and Coast rats

The Forest is the best place to hunt!


  • The point collector is near rabbit spawn. This makes for quicker drop-off!
  • Drinking water is everywhere
  • Plentiful fruit. A convenient food source.


  • Terrain allows further prey to hide
  • Movement is challenged by trees and uneven ground

The Coast is the best place for beginner practice


  • Even ground lets you run a smooth path.
  • Open space lets all prey be visible.


  • No drinking water. No, you can’t drink the ocean.
  • Long away from any point collector.

Which Point Collector to Use

The one by spawn is best

  • The terrain is flat and easy to get to.
  • It also lets you see prey much easier.

The fox home in the mountains are hard to navigate and hunt to due to the rough rock curves. The home itself is tight, meaning you can’t drop-off prey that fast. This point collector has the smallest access due to it being surround by walls.

Hostile animals are a bit of a problem too…

Important Stats

Stamina is your best friend!

There are 4 stats that can be upgraded in the Esc menu during gameplay.

Stamina is the only used stat in a chase for small mammals as they can’t hurt you!

They also die in one hit regardless of power…

Here is a example with some balanced stats… in Microsoft Paint!

It wouldn’t be helpful to show mine…they’re all max.

The other stats really depend on your preferred style!

Pacing and Goal Setting

The most important part to achieving any goal or challenge…the journey itself!

Setting small goals to complete per playtime is how to avoid burnout/drowsiness.

Setting a goal

  1. Personal goal

A good starting goal would be a small but challenging number in your head. This will be your main goal. Also, give a reason why you want it.

Example: I want to have a total of 50 rabbits in this game to see if I can do it!

  1. Leader-board goal

Want to rise on the leader-board? To build to that point, start with the personal goals. Once you notice that your total is somewhat near the person above you, set your main goal to their’s +10.

Example: I managed to get 80 points, the person on the bottom of the leader-board has 100 points. (Simple math…100-80=20) I should catch 20 prey to match them, then another 10 to ensure I pass their place.

  1. Competitive friend goal

This is a rare one, as not many people have played this game. If you do manage to convince a friend to install it and they challenge you, take it! Sharing scores on whatever apps you connect with (Discord comes to mind) can obviously help motivate.


Here are some pacing methods

  1. Set amount, set time

Now this is a challenge! Example: I want to catch 20 rabbits in 12 minutes.

2. Whatever amount, set time

Example: How much can I catch in 10 minutes?

3. Set amount, unclear time

Example: I want to catch 13 rabbits this afternoon.

  1. Whatever amount, unclear time

Pretty sure this was how the game was intended. For those who want to be free! May cause burnout if competitive…

Example: Lets just go hunting!

Problematic Partner

The spouse of the fox tends to get in your way…a lot..

Whenever it be in the middle of a fight or trying to maneuver around an attack… they’re there.

For the greater good, you should faint them

When downed, they seem to not be able to get back up. They can even recover to the max health and still not get up.


There’s more to do than just score collecting! Give your fox a variety diet of other animals. Leveling up is good thing to do while waiting for rabbits to show up. Eating just rabbits is maybe not a good thing as you don’t gain exp by killing them. Turning in rabbits gives 5 exp, but no hunger is refilled.

Hope this guide helps and happy hunting!

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