Friends vs Friends – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide explains how to get all the achievements in Friends vs Friends.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Quick Play Related

Welcome, friend

  • Play your first quick play game

Self explanatory.

Warming up

  • Win 10 quick play games

Self explanatory.

Getting serious

  • Win 100 quick play games

Self explanatory.

Pro player

  • Win 1000 quick play games

Self explanatory.

Full-time job

  • Win 10000 quick play games

Self explanatory.

Level Related


  • Reach level 5

Self explanatory.

Casual friend

  • Reach level 10

Self explanatory.

Close friend

  • Reach level 20

Self explanatory.

Intimate friend

  • Reach level 30

Self explanatory.

Best friend

  • Reach level 40

Self explanatory.

Win Streak Related


  • Get a win streak of 5 matches

Self explanatory.


  • Get a win streak of 15 matches

Self explanatory.

Friendship destroyer

  • Get a win streak of 25 matches

Self explanatory.

Card Related

This feels too good…

  • Open 25 booster packs

Self explanatory.

I can stop whenever I want

  • Open 250 booster packs

Self explanatory.


  • Unlock all the base cards

Unlock every base card (61 cards)

Only the best

  • Max out all the base cards

Have every base card at the maximum level

Play Related

Shipment canceled

  • Shoot a rival’s grenade before it touches the ground

Just shoot an enemy grenade while it is in the air.

Put that thing down!

  • Ignore gun safety rules in the shooting range

Just shoot in the shooting range outside the targets range.

Watch your step!

  • Fall to your death

Just fall out of the map.

Again? Seriously?

  • Fall to your death again

Fall out of the map a second time.

*Note: you must first unlock the achievement “Watch your step!” to unlock this achievement.


  • Destroy 25 hearts

Wait until your opponent plays the card “Heartless”. Your opponent will have placed his heart somewhere on the map and will lose life over time, but you will not be able to inflict any damage. Find his heart and shoot it to kill him. Repeat this 25 times.


  • Burn yourself alive with your own Karrotov

Self explanatory.


  • Transform yourself into an Ice Giant

Activate the Giant and Ice Block card to become an Ice Giant.

PPE required

  • Survive a sniper headshot thanks to your helmet

Get a headshot from a sniper while wearing a helmet. (Use the card “Helmet”)


  • Use Swap Weapons after a rival used Swap Weapons on you

Use the Weapon Swap card after your opponent has played the Weapon Swap card.

There’s nothing to lose at this point

  • Kill someone with a sticky bomb attached to your body

Self explanatory.

What are the odds?

  • End a match with a tie

To get a tie you and your opponent must die at the same moment.


  • Reach super speed

Use the character “Haru” which is unlocked at level 20 and activated the card “Energy Drink” twice and the card “Move Faster” twice in one round.

Galaxy Gelato

  • Get a duty-free ice cream

Activate the “Nuke” card twice in one round to enter the universe. Now find the ice cream truck and enter the vehicle by simply jumping into it.

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    • A friend has to stick the sticky bomb on your body and then you have to get close to an enemy and do basically a suicide: D

  1. I got the Speedster with Ninja Wood + Move Faster, it’s easier.
    Not even require max level and Haru.

  2. Thanks, I got the Galaxy Gelato today.

    When you nuke twice, you’ll be sent to the moon with little gravity.
    You’ll see the ice cream truck floating in a distance.
    You need two jump to reach it.
    First get onto a cargo truck, then to the ice cream truck.

  3. the ninja log gives a significant speed boost when activated and high enough level. I got the achievement while under the effect and a move faster card

  4. Just FYI you dont have to be on the map “Trucks” for the Galaxy Gelato achievement, you only need to activate 2 “Nuke” cards in the same round and the Ice Cream Truck will be there regardless of what map youre on

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