In this guide I will cover the best combos of all characters.


Combo 1

118 Damage 16 Hits

  • 360+D –> d,u+C –> Qcfx2+D –> d,u+C

Rocks classic corner combo and accually his best. To succeed with the combo u need to wait a little bit before doing the drilling kick so u only hit 3 kicks instead of 4. This way you gonna be able to follow up the rest of the combo.

Combo 2

118 Damage 15 Hits

  • 360+D –> Qcb+A –> Qcfx2+D –> d,u+C

Can be done from half screen or forward. Mostly this combo ends in a corner combo.

Combo 3

115 Damage 18 Hits

  • Jumping C,B –> Down+AB –> Rainbow Motion (Hcf then forward)+C, followed up by Rocks secret Potential Deadly Rave Neo. ((Hcf then forward)+C followed by: AA,BB,CC,DD, Qcb+C).

Extremely hard combo and buffering to get the Deadly Rave Neo right! Useless in matches but excellent to challenge yourself and to try your buffering skills!

Combo 4

110 Damage 15 Hits

  • Qcb+A –> Qcb+A –> Qcfx+C –> d,u+C

To make this combo sucessful, you need to hit the elbow not to close on the first hit. You need to execute the Qcb+A a bit further away than you think. If you do it properly you will be able to connect the second one. Can be done by half the screen or close to the corner.

Kim Dong Hwan

Combo 1

116 Damage 18 Hits

  • Qcf+D –> Jumping Qcfx2+A –> Jumping Qcfx2+A –> DP+C

One amazing and good combo that can be done half screen or in the corner. Little easier in corner.

Combo 2

Damage 116 19 Hits

  • Jumping A,C –> Crouching C –> Qcfx3+C

Dongs Qcfx3+C has many entries but this combo is the most ppwerfull of them all. Little tricky with the last buffering from crouching C tough.

Combo 3

87 Damage 8 Hits

  • Qcf+D –> Jumping Qcfx2+A –> Qcfx2+B

A very selldom seen combo. Its hard to know where exactly to hit with the aerial special and to know if the electric super will connect. Can not be done in the corner.

Combo 4

59 Damage 4 Hits

  • Jumping A,C –> Crouching C –> Qcfx2+B

Not extremely powerfull but Dongs B super is very effective to link from crouching C, and this combo proves it.

Combo 5

Damage 116 19 Hits

  • Jumping A,C –> Crouching C –> Qcfx3+C

Dongs Qcfx3+C has many entries but this combo is the most ppwerfull of them all. Little tricky with the last buffering from crouching C tough.

Jae Hoon

Combo 6

130 Damage 18 Hits

  • Jumping D –> Crouching C –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+A –> Qcfx2+B

Jae Hoons ultimate combo you can possibly do.

Combo 2

127 Damage 21 Hits

  • Jumping D –> Crouching C –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+D

Amazing combo, learn it and do it.

Combo 3

123 Damage 21 Hits

  • Jumping A,C –> Crouching C –> Qcfx2+D

A extremely good combo, not so much more to say.

Combo 4

123 Damage 21 Hits

  • Backdash+B –> Break Move –> Qcfx+A –> Qcfx2+B

If you get your horseback dashkick into your opponent, this is the best answer to do in the corner.

Combo 5

122 Damage 15 Hits

  • Jumping D –> Crouching C –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+C (Hold)

Another variation of the same combo as above.

Combo 6

119 Damage 20 Hits

  • Backdash+B –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+D

Same combo as above but with less risk and only a little less damage. Highly recommended

Combo 7

114 Damage 14 Hits

  • Backdash+B –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+C (Hold Version)

Another variation of the same combo as above.


Combo 1

114 Damage 10 Hits

  • Jumping D –>Close C –> Feint –> Low C –> Qcb+A –> Qcfx2+D

Truly awesome combo!

Combo 2

92 Damage 5 Hits

  • Qcb+D –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+B –> Qcfx2+B

* Must hit the opponent in the air and on counter. Hit with the last frame from the kick, do not hit with a full meaty hit. And buffer the first super fast.

Combo 3

85 Damage 9 Hits

  • Shoulder Dash C Version –> Standing A –> Standing A –> Crouching B –> Qcfx2+D

A very nice and powerfull combo of Terry.

Combo 4

81 Damage 5 Hits

  • Break Move –> Qcfx2+B –> Qxfx2+B

Not so common combo. The first super must be executed earlier than you think to succeed with the combo.

Combo 5

79 Damage 5 Hits

  • Jumping D –> Close C or Crouching C –> Qcfx2+D

Easy, neat and good combo.

Combo 6

74 Damage 4 Hits

  • Break Move –> Qcfx2+B –> Qxfx2+A

A variation of the Combo 3 above, but with the flame as a finish.

Combo 7

69 Damage 4 Hits

  • Qcb+C –> Qcfx2+C

Can be hard to hit the Qcb+C attack in an actual match, but when successful the outcome its good.


Combo 1

105 Damage 14 Hits

  • Jumping B,A –> Down+AB –> Qcb+D –> Qcfx2+D

Powerful and good combo.

Combo 2

105 Damage 10 Hits

Must be done against a jumping enemy in the corner. Hit the lower part of opponents jump. Hard timing and based on luck makes this combo not practical in a real match. The DP is very hard to connect. But still fun combo to do.

  • TOP Attack –> Break Move –> Qcb+D –> DP+B –> Qcfx2+C

Combo 3

97 Damage 8 Hits

  • Jumping B,A –> Down+AB –> Qcb+D –> Qcfx2+C

A variation of the combo above. Also strong one.

Combo 4

81 Damage 6 Hits

  • Jumping D –> Close D –> Feint –> Crouching C –> Qcfx2+C

Great combo to do in corners.


Combo 1

Must be done a little away from the corner.

102 Damage 13 Hits

  • TOP Attack –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+A –> Qcfx2+B –> d,u+D

Combo 2

91 Damage 17 Hits

Must be made in corner.

  • Throw –> Qcfx2+D –> d,u+D

Very nice combo to do after a throw in the corner if you have meter.

Combo 3

89 Damage 6 Hits

Must be made a little way afar from the corner.

  • Break Move –> Break Move –>Qcfx2+C –> TOP Attack

Combo 4

83 Damage 7 Hits

  • Qcfx2+A –> Break Move –> Qcfx2+A –> d,u+D

Very good combo thats made in corner.

Combo 5

76 Damage 6 Hits

  • Qcfx2+A –> Qcfx2+A –> d,u+D

Flashy and effective combo. Has to be made in the corner.

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