Godsbane Idle – Farming Relics Guide

Guide to Farming Relics


I’m not sure what’s “most efficient” but I’ll share what I know. I’d wager the relics are not tied to the drop rates we see when mousing over places in the Level Grid. If you don’t know where/what that is, just go to Battlefield and left click the spot that says the area name to open the Level Grid. Left click it again to close the Level Grid.

When farming relics, I prefer to push maximum stats with 0% Exp bonus in Awakening. This lets me push to my highest stage while letting me attack the highest Elite level I can. Pushing to higher Elite levels boosts the crap out of the Forgotten Arts research(Rites tab) and let’s me see how close I am to potentially unlocking something new. At the same time, this also drops my Droprate Rating down to like 2k. Yet, I still get relics off at the same consistent rate even when I’ve reached the max Droprate Rating for an area.

Also, the Elite timer extends up to a hard cap of 24 hours by using the elite orb drop thingies in multiple Elite areas. I.E. maxing the 100 orb drop thing in Remnants of Madness Elites will double the maximum time available for Pertubaros Legacy.

Finally, the uniques created from the relics are an entirely separate form of equipment with unlockable slots. Each relic creates a unique that boosts a specific stat and has a really powerful effect. There’s a slot unlock in the Eternals Shop, the Awakening Upgrade tab (pyramid icon, 6th row down from top left), and the Memories Permanent tab (bottom left corner).

How It Works

Alright, I spent way too much time sifting through code for this info before realizing that Relics are handled entirely different from equipment, collectibles, and the Elite drops.

First things first, you have to kill X number of Elites. From what I’m seeing, the values related to “X number of Elites” are not hardcoded. So, I’m no help in knowing out how many kills per drop are required based on which area you’re farming Elites in. Still, the basic logic is reach X kills and get a drop.

Once you reach X kills, the game checks which Relics drop in your area and rolls for which Relic you got. After that, the game checks to see if the rolled Relic is tied to a Unique you’ve already unlocked. If it is, no Relic drop for you. If it isn’t, you get the drop.

Also, you can no longer get Y Relic once you accumulate and extract 999 of Y Relic to make a unique. What makes this weird to me is that there seems to be no logic in the code to stop the player from accumulating 999 of Y Relic twice before attempting to extract both sets of 999 of Y Relic to create a Unique twice.

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