Guild Wars 2 – How to Get the Griffon Mount

This will be a comprehensive one stop guide to getting the griffon mount.

Starting the Path

Before I begin this guide my In game name is Njordr.7632 if you have any questions PM me in game and I will get back to you with any questions you have. This includes requests for guides or unrelated questions. Good luck!

in order to complete this you will need to purchase 10 items in total. Each item costs 25 Gold coin, for a total of 250 Gold coin to unlock the mount. these items will only be available after completing the heart quest during your current session for access to the shop keeper.

At the conclusion of the Path of fire story, you will begin finding items such as Strange Pellet of Bones and Fur, Strange Droppings, and Strange Feathers. These will direct you to the illustrious Beastmaster Ghazal

Who will politely direct you to his assistant Seeker Kandake To reach Seeker Kandake, we can start from Vehtendi Academy Waypoint and move southeast toward Vehtendi Vineyard, turning east before reaching the vineyard. The path continues through a brandstorm, the Fury of the Brand lightning strikes can be negated by riding a skimmer. Following the path, players will reach a jackal portal. Quickly switching from skimmer to jackal to avoid the lightning and taking the portal will take players right to Kandake on Spearmarshal’s Lament.

However it can be noted that this is possible without a Jackal though much MUCH more difficult. it is also feasible to use a friend teleport to this location or, more preferably the next location below.

After talking to Kandake, players can mount on a springer and reach the ledge right above her. Slightly to the left is a jackal portal (the one high above, not the one at the bottom near the mastery point. If players fall down they can climb back up with a springer). Players should dismount their springer, await a small break from the brandstorm, mount their jackal, and take this jackal portal to enter the Yahnur Plateau, which is safe from the brandstorm. From the plateau, players can mount on their springer and jump to reach the Sunspear Sanctuary.

Once here you can talk with the corpse to start the open Skies collections. you will also receive a Teleport to avoid the hassel of going through the void storm or whatever they call it.

Open Skies: Domain of Vabbi

To begin we will start with the Domain of Vabbi as you are already here and, hopefully ready to start. bear in mind that at the corpse you can mount a griffon for free and use it as long as you do not dismount. this will be needed to collect several items in the next couple collections.

1: Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice

To get this item you must complete a event “Help First Spear Kitur recover his equipment and escape imprisonment” Location below.

Kitur will wander around and have to find seven items that include his armor and sword. He will have a speech after getting each piece making this a long event to have to repeat.

Keep track of Kitur during the event to make sure he does not die. The groups of mobs should not be difficult to solo but the final Veteran will be at the end of a long hallway and constantly spam attack waves that have to be jumped over in rapid succession. Being hit a wave will stun your character and prevent them from jumping so they will be hit by the successive following waves, effectively stun-locking your character and making it impossible to do anything. The hallway is too long to push the way down through the waves and you will be continually taking damage. With a group of players, there is a better chance that one will be able to get through to the end of the hallway and past the spammed wave attacks and from there they can hit the Veteran without being constantly stun-locked.

2: Stone Carving Tools

To get this item you must complete “Aid the Awakened in the Vehjin Mines” heart-quest and purchase it for 25 gold

Personally I am going to love annotating these items due to there simplicity Below the picture of the heart quest location I will strive to just place the most efficient tasks

  • Kill Forged — 2% heart progress
  • Kill Veteran Forged — 4% heart progress
  • Pick up Unrefined Ore — 3% heart progress
  • Throwing the ore into Mineral Deposits — 10% heart progress
  • Interact with Awakened Corpses to pick up their Lost Family Heirlooms and give them to Awakened Servant Tooraj — 5% heart progress per returned heirloom

3: Guard Bribe

To get this item you must complete “Help the students of Vehtendi Academy” heart quest and purchase it for 25 gold

  • Help the studying cadets by quizzing them or helping them — 5% heart progress
  • Pick up a practice sword in the House Ventura Dormitory and hit the blocking cadet when he lowers his guard — 5% heart progress
  • Play ball or dance to the music in the House Rolic Dormitory — 5% heart progress
  • Answer the questions of students in the lecture hall — 10% heart progress
  • Pick up gunk near the House Rolic Pranksters and throw it in the way of awakened guards — 5% heart progress
  • Complete Vehtendi School Supply Run — 5% heart progress per completion [verification requested]

4: Spearmarshal’s Plea

You already got this item hopefully. Dont destroy it though you cannot get it back.

5: Warmed Vabbian Griffon Egg

This egg just needs to be picked up. Usually these are gotten through a griffon roost where you can temporarily use the griffon mount or through some other mount to reach.

6: Cracked Vabbian Griffon Egg

An egg. to be Gathered.

7: Polished Vabbian Griffon Egg

Another egg Slightly shiny

8: Ruddy Vabbian Griffon Egg

I dont know what they meant by this egg being “Ruddy”

9: Charged Vabbian Griffon Egg

Honestly this one should be at the top of the list but I am doing this in order of the lists I am going through

Open Skies: The Desolation

1: Ashhe, the Rune of Valor

This is obtained after the events Patrol the area near the Mouth of Torment with Redeemer Kossan. which references three separate events that reward the required item upon accepting the event rewards.

2: Virzak, the Rune of Compassion

This is a pickup item Found atop the higher ledge North West of Sandstrewn Shrine. Interact with the disk which lies on the ground under the lamp hanging on the tree.

3: Ancient Sunspear Flags

Purchased from a heart quest “Help Dunkoro assist local ghosts” as always this item is twenty five goldoriarinos

  • Defeat Enraged Spirits to pacify them — 3% heart progress
  • Lead Lost Ghosts to their graves — 7% heart progress
  • Light Ghost Eater Wardlights by interacting with them — 4% heart progress
  • Interact with Forgotten Statues to learn the last words of Vissh Rakissh — 5% heart progress
  • Interact with the Statue of Vissh Rakissh after locating all eight Forgotten Statues in the area — 10% heart progress

4: Prayer Lights

Purchased from the heart quest Help Kisha Odili keep the village running

  • Kill Wasps, House Spiders, Jacaranda, Drakes and Scarabs — 3% heart progress
  • Extinguish Grass Fires — 3% heart progress
  • Repair Wasp Damage and Collapsed Stucco — 3% heart progress
  • Destroy Wasp Nests — 3% heart progress
  • Take a bandage from a Tar-Soaked Bandage Kit and use it to Bandage an Injured Awakened Servant — 5% heart progress
  • Plug Leaks — 3% heart progress
  • Release and follow the Drakehound Tracker as it finds and reveals Hidden Spies in the village area — 3% heart progress
  • Bring Suspicious Orders to Kisha Odili — 3% heart progress

5: Spearmarshals Plea

As you already have this one I would like to once again take the time to mention that if you have any issues, questions, problems, requests unrelated or related Feel free to PM me in game at Njordr.7632 and if by some chance you want to show your gratitude or lack therof you can still send me a mail in game or just leave a comment. I started writing this for the second day at Number four honestly? I think I bit off a larger subject to write this guide on than Thought.

6: Warmed Canyon Egg

An Egg go get it. make sure to use the griffon to get the next one.

7: Dark Canyon Egg

The next one but not the last one.

8: Pale Canyon Egg

This one is pale, and I feel as though I should place somthing under each item

9: Mottled Canyon Egg

This one can be a pain if you don’t know where you are going. its pretty high above the canyon

Open Skies: Elon Riverlands

1: Limwe, the Rune of Justice

This one is gained through completing the “Free Emara and the other prisoners. Defeat Warden Jabari” it is often done in groups by players so be on the watch for people working together to get this. you get the item from the bonus chest after his re-death.

2: Golsah, the Rune of Honor

Honestly this one pisses me off remembering it as it is a collection inside a collection inside a collection. In order to get this item you must complete “Equipment Tracker” after completing the fetch quest go back to her and complete the fourth option “I’ve been asked by a mutual friend to retrieve Golsah. Can you help?” and she will give you the rune. Below will be an overview of each item and below that will be the individual items

Shadi’s Stupid sword

Defeat the Veteran Fire Djinn just west of Shadi.

Shadi’s stupid hat

In a Pile of Equipment to the south of the Hero Challenge in the northeast corner of Ustulate Barrens, inside a cave.

Shadi’s stupid gloves

In a Pile of Leaves on a rock pillar southeast of the Pillars of Supremacy point of interest, south of the Skimmer Ranch waypoint.

Shadi’s stupid boots

Being worn by a skritt named Veteran Chikkchak in a tent at Skritt’s Audience.

Shadi’s Stupid armor

In a Hermit’s Chest in a cave northeast of Skimmer Ranch, at the Fallback Fissure point of interest.

3: Giwebo, the Rune of Humility

This one requires the completion of another task so be on the wtach for it happening you must Defeat the Champion unbound djinn

4: Relic Preservation Materials

A heart quest entitled “Help Follower Xunn collect Forgotten Glyphs for decoding”

  • Kill Dust Mites — 2% heart progress
  • Kill Branded Earth Elementals — ?% heart progress
  • Bring Forgotten Glyphs to Follower Xunn — 5% heart progress per Glyph delivered to Follower Xunn
  • Inspect Forgotten Pillars and defeat the Veteran Escaping Djinn — 5% heart progress per kill
  • Approach Forgotten Reliquaries and then defeat any Sand Sharks, Young Sand Sharks, and Sand Shark Pups that spawn — 6% heart progress per Sand Shark kill
  • Destroy Earth Urns — 3% heart progress
  • Speak to the Inquisitive Djinn that reveals itself in order to answer a question — 3% heart progress only if Djinn’s question is answered correctly

5: Maps to the Outpost

Heart quest “Help Ebele prepare the way north for defectors”

  • Kill Dust Mites, Awakened, Sand Eels and Sand Sharks — 3% heart progress
  • Take cairn stones from Sand Eel Nests and bring them to Cairn Markers — 10% heart progress
  • Kill Rats around Supply Caches — 3% heart progress
  • Return the stolen Supplies back to the Supply Caches — 6% heart progress
  • Hide Supply Caches by concealing them using the Piles of Loose Sand near them — 4% heart progress

6: Spearmarshal’s Plea

Honestly a lot of weird vendors use the eye of Kormir or whatever this thing eats. you’ll regret fetting the tiny amount of items from feeding this thing. As always I am Njordr.7632 and I love Hate mail I never get it anymore just insult me or somthing i’ll read it around to my friends and we’ll have a laugh.

7: Warmed Riparian Griffon Egg


8: Rocky Riparian Griffon Egg

Egg Thief

9: Azure Riparian Griffon Egg

Open Skies: Desert Highlands

1: Zaklem, the Rune of Loyalty

In order to get this one you must complete not one but three events the first of which is almost always happening the third happens after a timer you will more than likely have to do the third task while the server is asking you to leave.

  • Defend Second Spear Nayrim from the Awakened
  • The first happens at Diviner’s Reach usually there are plenty of people completing this task
  • Escort Second Spear Nayrim to potential shelter
  • the second happens “after some delay” upon the successful completion of the above event. from the same location
  • Defend Second Spear Nayrim against Mordant Crescent and Awakened attacks
  • This will take place after the second obviously and thankfully won’t take as much time to start

2: Enormous Supply of Bird Feed

A Heart quest entitled Pitch in around Lommuld Kraal

  • Reset Hyena Traps — 3% heart progress
  • Kill trapped Spotted Hyenas — 5% heart progress
  • Kill Mountain Hyenas, Veteran Mountain Hyenas, Veteran Spotted Hyenas, Sand Lions and Veteran Sand Lions — 2% heart progress
  • Revive Ogre Hunters — 5% heart progress
  • Kill nearby Branded. If you kill a Branded who is currently fighting a Ogre Hunter, you get an additional 5% heart progress.
  • Kill Branded Devourers — 2% heart progress
  • Kill Branded Devourer Hatchlings — 1-2% heart progress
  • Kill Branded Griffons — 5% heart progress
  • Kill Branded Ogres — 5% heart progress
  • Interact with Untrained Pets in order to fight and train them — 5% heart progress
  • Destroy Noxious Branded Plants — 1% heart progress

3: Survival Supplies

A heart quest entitled Help the Makali community

  • Stomp Dormant Choyas. — 2% heart progress
  • Kill enemies nearby the area:
  • Kill Choyas — 3% heart progress
  • and Swollen Choya. — 5% heart progress
  • Kill Sand Eels. — 4% heart progress
  • Kill Sand Sharks. — 4% heart progress
  • Kill Awakened during events. — 1% heart progress
  • Veteran Fanged Iboga. — 1% heart progress
  • Donate Chunks of Meat dropped from Sand Sharks into the Food Baskets. — 2% heart progress per chunk of meat
  • Use Cleavers to chop up Slaughtered Sandfish and Champion Slaughtered Sandfish. — 3% heart progress
  • Revive Dehydrated Water Collectors, Nomads, Nomad Hunters and Injured Nomads. — 5% heart progress
  • Turn in Nomad Water Skins to Deputy Hamad. — 1% heart progress per water skin

5: Warmed mountain Egg

Yes I know I skipped four.

6: Crusty Mountain Griffon Egg

7: Rough Mountain Griffon Egg

8: Vibrant Mountain Griffon Egg

I vibrantly remember I got a friend to help me to this one that way I would not have to use the Jackal

9: Damp Mountain Griffon Egg

Dont try and loot the chest the fairies will beat your ass.

Open Skies: Crystal Oasis

1: Gundayo, the Rune of Honesty

This one requires you to complete a Legendary bounty. in order to start it you must go to Destiny’s Gorge bounty board and accept the Legendary bounty the “Legendary Corrupted Facet” if, however for some reason it is not on the list all Legendary bounties reappear on the bounty board 30 minutes after the bounty has retreated or has been defeated. meaning you just have to wait a bit. It is highly recommended that you get help to defeat this guy.

Below: location of boss. Left:location of bounty board.

2: Icon of the Goddess

Obtained after purchasing after Aid the Temple of Kormir heart quest.

  • Kill Veteran Fire Hydras — 5% heart progress
  • Treat the Injured Refugees in the prescribed order — 3 of the below items for a total of 9%, +8% heart progress if you don’t make a mistake, which is tracked by the Skilled Healer effect.
  • Use Branches to support broken bones — 3% heart progress
  • Use Stitches to mend deep cuts or lacerations — 3% heart progress
  • Use Poultices to relieve inflammation or infections — 3% heart progress
  • Use Bandages to cover up rashes, boils, or burns — 3% heart progress
  • Use Medicine to reduce a fever or pain — 3% heart progress
  • Speak to Disheartened Refugees and cheer them up — 3% heart progress
  • Wipe Zaishen graffiti off temple walls — 5% heart progress
  • Kill Zaishen enemy that spawns after wiping graffiti — 4% heart progress
  • Revive NPCs — 5% heart progress

3: Sunspear Tithe

Heart quest Give aid to the refugees at Marifa Camp

  • Threaten Zaishen Zealots and defeat them — 10% heart progress
  • Clear out Shaking Tents and defeat foes found inside — 10% heart progress
  • Bring Donated Food to Hungry Refugee Children — 10% heart progress
  • Bring Fresh Water to Thirsty Refugee Workers and Thirsty Refugees — 10% heart progress
  • Bring Medical Supplies to Hurt Refugees — 10% heart progress
  • Revive Refugee Farmworkers — 5% heart progress

5: Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg

6: Browned Coastal Griffon Egg map

7: Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg

It’s not directly at the top. and it is 100% feasible to do this without the Jackal.

8: Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg

9: Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg

Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom

This collection will have you go back to the library from the path of fire questline.

After finishing the Open Skies collection achievement for all five crystal desert maps, use your Spearmarshal’s Plea to return to the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal and begin placing down all the eggs and runes by interacting with the placeable icons. This will complete the Sunspear Sanctuary collection and start the Sunspear Wisdom collection.

After receiving the Divine Passage, head to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and reopen the portal by interacting with the tear in reality at the back of the chamber. This will return you to Kormir’s library. Once inside, you will need to kill elites with the Key Hoarder effect to obtain Kormir’s Library Key. A key is consumed upon opening a Cache of Sunspear Wisdom to retrieve a volume so 10 keys are required in total. Progress is saved if the instance is left.

  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 1 Scale the lone staircase to the left of the portal (Stairs 2) and follow the outside of the platform counterclockwise.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 2 Along the outer wall on the ground floor. Opposite to the hidden area of the library.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 3 Follow the wide path to the left of the portal and turn clockwise at the outer ring to see this chest.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 4 Directly in front of the portal on the outer wall.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 5 Follow the outer wall counter clockwise from the hidden library.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 6 In a corner directly clockwise from the hidden library.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 7 Scale the lone staircase to the left of the portal (Stairs 2) and follow the inside of the platform clockwise.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 8 Scale one of the two double helix staircases directly in front of the portal (Stairs 3). Follow the long sloped path at the end of one to this chest
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 9 Jump up to the ledge on the ground floor outside the hidden library.
  • Writings of the Last Spearmarshal, Vol. 10 Scale the staircase connected to the center platform (Stairs 1) for this chest.

Open Skies: On Wings and a Prayer

Congrats go back to the stupid dead sunpsear and help her kill some random champion. You gotta do this yourself party members are not allowed but after your wallet is empty from all the exspensive collection items and you have collected every egg throughout the entire dessert you can finally get your griffon mount.


I would feel remiss if I did not address you all here, portions of this guide were indeed copy and pasted from several different wiki pages. Why reword something that is already said well enough already. references have been added below to all the wiki pages i used to make the above guide.

If you have any questions about something in GW2 related or. Unrelated to this guide or if you have any requests don’t leave a comment PM me in game and I will message you back as soon as I can I am Njordr.7632 if you want to complain to me or throw me a coin feel free to do that as well. if you want to just talk about life or insult me I am open to those as well. Insults however will be read to my friends for our amusement.

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