Half-Life: MMod – How to Put Silencer on Pistol (Activate Stealth Option and More)

Guide to Put Silencer on Pistol


Once you got some weapons, simply press Middle Mouse Button to activate the “Stealth option” on the pistol, for example.

The crowbar also has a heavier secondary (Right Mouse Button) attack and a very heavy Middle Mouse Button attack.

Gameplay Screenshots

Normal pistol.

Pistol with silencer (After activating “stealth option”).


    • No, as far as I know it’s only a visual thing on the pistol, but maybe you could actually stealth kill with this, haven’t tried yet tho.

      Oh and of course also the sound of the pistol changes 🙂

  1. One thing missing is the alternate fire mode for the ghost busters backpack gun that i don’t know the name. With the Mouse right click you can make the bean wider but the ammo depletes faster (if i’m not mistaken)

  2. “its only a visual thing”, yeah i dont know if my eyes deceive me but when i was shooting an npc that was behind me with it they werent alerted.

    • it isn’t only a visual thing, you can even do it with the mp5 and i’ve stealth killed many soldiers/grunts infront of eachother and they didn’t know where the bullets came from, unlike where i didn’t use a silencer

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