HARVESTELLA – Rare Fish Locations

Locations of Rare Fishes with Descriptions


This extremely rare fish is seldom caught. Originally it only changed color during spawning season, but it evolved to stay radiating this color.

The reason is unknown. Perhaps it likes that color.

You can catch this in the first town just trying out fishing. Another players caught it in the farm, so it could be most of the fish can be caught in any location, with a couple being bound to specific spots.

Siren’s Servant

Legend has it that these fish live to serve the Sirens. They only appear on rainy days. Could it be that the rain is this fish’s tears for its lost owner?

As the descrtiption suggests, you can catch it on a rainy day and from the town at the south.

Aurelian Fish

A fish with a sublime golden sheen. Rumor has it this fish appears when it is mourning fellow fish that have been caught, but only it knows the truth.

Found at Lethe Village – fished during rain, at the spot next to the Smithy.

Ice Faerie

Creature to have the ability over ice. It supposedly has the ability to turn any water around it to ice, but you could also argue logically that the water just froze…

You can catch it during snow – in Argene at the Snow Hut Square spot (only spot I know in the area).

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