Have a Nice Death – All Curses and Penalties Guide (Oh Shoo, O’Shah Achievement)

Images of all of the curses for those wanting the Oh Shoo, O’Shah achievement. There are also several tips listed to help you get the achievement faster.

How to Obtain Oh Shoo, O’Shah Achievement


For those wanting the Oh Shoo, O’Shah achievement in Have a Nice Death, here is the complete compendium of curses, along with several tips at the end to help you get the achievement faster.

The Oh Shoo, O’Shah achievement involves getting all 314 curses, including 88 red curses, 78 blue curses, 69 green curses, and 79 curse penalties. You only have to get each curse once to progress the achievement.

This achievement takes many hours and many runs to get, and is not easy, even with a guide, so prepare to spend a lot of time on this one.

Red Curses

Blue Curses

Green Curses

Curse Penalties

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks to getting all of these curses.

  1. Max out your level first

If you are trying to get this achievement before being level 19 or 20, I would recommend doing the breakdowns in the meantime to level up first. Some curses cannot be unlocked until later levels, including stuck-effect curses, which only unlock after reaching level 19. Level 20 has an even greater boost, giving you five curse re-rolls to start. As such, you should max out your level first.

  1. Play on breakdown 10

If you are struggling to get penalties, play on breakdown 10. The more penalties from breakdown 6 and the penalties in twos from breakdown 10 will combine to give you plenty of penalties in every run. Once you have all of the penalties unlocked, I would recommend playing on impending breakdown difficulty, or even self-fulfilment difficulty, as some curses are really hard to play with.

  1. Choose an infuse curse if you see one

Some curses need a prerequisite curse in order to appear. these mostly need infuse curses, so if you see a curse with infuse in it, grab it.

The infuse curses that unlock other curses include the following:

  • Bleed
  • Poison
  • Frozen
  • Burn
  • Lightning
  • Deadly Butterflies
  • 50% Lifesteal
  1. Focus a curse

Pick a curse from the list above that you don’t have and try to aim for it. If it needs a prerequisite curse, look for the previous curse first. This really helps when you combine it with the next tip.

  1. Stack curse re-rolls

Try not to spend any of your curse re-rolls until later game, around natural disasters department. Then, spend them all on a specific area where a curse you may not have yet could appear (example: if you are missing a level 5 blue curse, re-roll the fifth from the bottom in the blue tree).

Final Words

Overall, this is a very difficult achievement, but having this guide will make it many times easier as you will know what curses you are missing. Hopefully, this guide will help you get the Oh Shoo, O’Shah achievement.

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  1. i can’t get the ‘fake it til’ ya make it’ does it have a requirement? i rerolled contracts to give me curse rerolls and i saw literally every other rank 3 curses except that one

    • ‘fake it til’ ya make it’ doesn’t have a requirement, sometimes specific curses/penalties just show up less due to bad RNG. Keep stacking curse re-rolls and, because it is a green rarity red curse, try going for it in a red bonus department, like modern warfare or inevitable time.

      • Hopefully its just bad RNG. But i tried on self fulfillment with +15 re-roll curse by rolling the contracts so i had 20 curse rerolls in total. I literally saw every other rank 3 red curse listed above except the hypo (cus i didnt take the frozen one) and the fake it curse. I also got another person’s save file (incomplete but had the fake it curse obtained). I filled the curse lists but the achievement doesn’t pop either. I guess maybe its bugged rn.

        • it may have to do with the recent update. I’ll do some runs and see if I can get the fake it curse to appear for me.

          • Thanks a lot man. Hopefully its just a bug and they would patch it soon.

  2. I got “drowned fire” (blue curse, white, rank 6) before the hotfix, but actually i have this curse as missing one, but i can find it… someone has same problem?

    • for some reason, “drowned fire” has been reset, even for those that already had it. As a side note, you need both infuse burn and burn deals pyre for this one to appear.

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