Hokko Life – Tutorial Quests

Tutorial Quests – Part 1

Since the Narrative update, the starter quests have drastically changed to help players understand how to play the game and mainly use the design bench/tool, compared to when it was first launched. Many things have been changed and made into small multiple quests compared to the VERY short and limited tutorial it used to have.


The start of the game you’ll end up falling asleep on the train and end up in the town of Hokko, you’ll exit the train and only be allowed to enter the inn to the left. Oma the inn owner will be inside with Moss the shop owner who’ll offer you a seat and a drink. Speaking with them you’ll pick your character name and get a “room” within the inn to stay until you own a house of your own. After speaking with them you’ll head up the stairs and sleep the night.

The next morning you’ll head downstairs and speak with Oma. She’ll give you a quest to meet the only two villagers of the town (the starting villagers are random with each save). You’ll find them within the meadow area. On leaving the inn you’ll see the fallen tree from the storm at the very start of arriving to town is gone showing a pathway leading to the meadow area.

Lost Item & Axe

Within the meadow area you’ll meet your first villager right away who’s lost their red scarf during the storm. The idea to look around the the run down and broken houses, the scarf should be wrapped around the log around one of the run down houses. Upon picking up the scarf you head back to the villager and speak with them, giving them back the scarf then speak with the other villager for Oma’s quest before heading back into the Town Centre and returning to Oma.

She’ll talk about wanting to renovate one of the 2 broken down houses, but needing to clear the derby from around them. To do this she’ll send you to Moss who’s in his house to the right of Oma’s inn. Speaking with him will get you an axe, from there you’ll head back to the meadow area to chop all the logs in front and around the broken down houses. Remember to go into your inventory/backpack and equipping the axe to your “hand slot” to be able to use it.

Renovating The First House

Once chopped, all the logs and you have gathered the logs dropped from destroying them with the axe, you’ll head back to Oma in her inn. You’ll inform her all debris is gone and she’ll hand you a donation box, once you have got the box, head back to the meadow area and pick one of the two houses, this first house fixed up will become YOUR home so pick the one of the two you would prefer, and then use the interact button at the door of the chosen house.

Using the interact button on the door will place the donation box there. The house will need 40 logs to fix it up, chopping other logs found on the ground and trees that you can access will get you enough to do this! Once you put 40 logs into the box you’ll enter a cut-scene of everyone in town celebrating the fix-up of the house, then you’ll head back to Oma’s inn for some free food! You’ll notice a guest at Oma’s inn lurking in the background while still in the cut-scene at Oma’s inn. She’ll be important later. Once you finish eating it will move into the next day. You’ll end up inside your house after the cut-scene is done (for now your house is pretty empty) and you just need to leave your house to trigger another cut-scene.

Starting Town Improvements

In this new cut-scene Moss will talk about wanting to improve the town but not sure “where to start” so he’ll ask you to ask the only other people living in the town as villagers, your starting villagers you met before, for their thoughts on how to improve the town. A tip is to gather more logs around the area if able. Once speaking with your starting villagers they will suggest a Flower Planter and a Fence to build for the town, once you get that head to Moss’ store and speak with him. He’ll then send you to meet Sally in her workshop, the 5th building within the meadow area.

On the way to Sally’s workshop pick up TWO yellow flower petals, this will be useful. After speaking with Sally you’ll need to gather/have 10 logs and 2 yellow flower petals and then return to her and speak with her again. With the materials gathered, Sally will offer you to create the flower planter and fence yourself introducing you to the crafting bench, using it to create a single flower planter and a single fence, you’ll then speak with sally one quick time and then head to speak with Moss.

Placements and Bridges

You’ll speak to Moss to show him the two crafted items, then he’ll ask you to place them within the town. You can place the flower planter and fence in either the Meadow Area, Town Centre or Beach areas, you can put one in one area and the other in another area or both in the same area, that will be your choice. Once the items are placed return to Moss and talk to him, he’ll suggest a bridge to get to another part within the meadow area. Before going to build the bridge, he’ll tell you Oma has something she wants to talk to you about, go speak with her quickly to unlock Mayor Merits.

After speaking with Oma head over to Sally. Speaking with her you find out that you’ll need 10 wooden planks to create the bridge, Sally will give you the crafting recipe to make wooden planks at the crafting bench. Each wooden plank will cost 2 logs. If you run out of wood the stumps of the trees you’ve chopped down should regrow within 2-3 days and you can “skip” days by sleeping in a bed/sleeping bag in your home, but you should have enough wood to do most of these part 1 quests without doing so but with each meadow area map being different in every game save there is a small chance you might not. Once you got the 10 wooden planks crafted, you’ll speak to Sally who’ll unlock the first part of the design tool/bench, the pre-built designs feature, (added in the Narrative update).

Upon entering the design bench you’ll click the brown book icon and then the wooden bridge design to build. For the FIRST TIME ONLY building this bridge it will just cost 10 wooden planks but afterwards would cost 54 wooden planks to make more of this bridge. After making the bridge Sally will say some words and you’ll get to place it on the river within the meadow area.

Second Renovation

With placing the bridge you’ll get a cut-scene of celebrating the new bridge. Within this cut-scene Oma will talk about fixing up the second broken down house. With this you’ll get another donation box to place at the door of the broken down house by interacting with the door. There you’ll need 40 more logs to fix up the house. Remember what was said about stumps and trees regrowing. Once you gather the 40 logs, place them into the donation box and you’ll get another cut-scene to head back to the inn to celebrate. Here you’ll see the background lurker from before and another. There you’ll meet Benny the bunny an important character needed to complete all tutorial quests.

You’ll head to bed after convincing him to move to town, once you show up in your home you can just exit the building once again to trigger a cut-scene of Benny moving into his new home. In this cut-scene you officially meet Rosa, the pig animal character who’s been lurking at Oma’s inn. Rosa will talk about moving her workplace to town, building houses to grow and expand the town further as you develop it. After the cut-scene is done Rosa’s office will start to be built in the town centre. You’ll have to wait a single day for it to be fully built. But don’t go to sleep right away just yet.

Tutorial Quests – Part 2

Waiting Quest!

While waiting for Rosa’s office to be built you can head into Benny’s house and unpack his boxes to earn furniture for his home (only two small things for now, his house is pretty empty) and to get one quick tutorial quest made to do for this day, you’ll head around town and look for a villager with a ‘waving’ hand and a speech bubble over their head, this speech bubble means they want to speak with you. They will talk about wanting to plant some trees for you to gather more wood! Speaking with them will give you the shovel crafting recipe and you’ll need to go craft one to carry on the quest. You will need 3 logs and 1 wooden plank to craft the shovel.

Once crafted return to the villager who gave you the quest and speak with them. They’ll give you some tree seeds and you’ll need to plant a max of 6 trees (if you have more seeds you can indeed plant some more if you wanted!). You’ll need to use the shovel to dig holes and use the seeds on the holes to plant them. Once you have all seeds planted return to the quest giver and they’ll then ask for flowers to be planted but you’ll need to head to Moss first to get some seeds. Moss will give you 8 random flower seeds to plant, with it being random, you can’t pick the colours for this quest. You’ll also unlock the ability to sell things to Moss if you speak with him a second time, he’ll buy anything that can go into your backpack.To sell to him just speak with him. You plant the flowers the same as the trees, use the shovel to dig a hole then use the seeds to plant into them. Once you plant all 8, return to the quest giver villager to end this quick quest line.

Rosa’s Store

After handing in the quest, you can sleep or wait until the next day. Soon as it arrives to the next day, head into the town centre to trigger a cut-scene with the wonderful Rosa, who’ll be standing outside her new shop that is to the right of Moss’ store. Once the cut-scene ends, head into Rosa’s new store to trigger another. She’ll explain you can buy roofing and walls for houses at the right of her store and the main thing is building 4 types of houses. Houses will require you to bring both money and resources to build. See Houses part of the guide to see the different types.

She’ll then show you the tab of buying a house, have a little look at the four choices if you would like but do back out the tab using ‘esc’ on keyboard to speak with her a little more. Once you finally finish talking to her you will see your ‘main’ tutorial quest is to build your first house from her store. You can build any of the house choices but the first house choice is the easiest to build and might be the only one we can build for now, don’t worry in future you can demolish houses, doing so gets you the resources back and build the other types. For the first type of house you’ll need 400 gold and 16 wooden planks.

Start Building The House

Focus on gathering the things needed for the first house choice. When you return to the meadow area after speaking with Rosa’s cut-scene you should see a person walking around the meadow who’s new. They are Yara the mountain goat, a visitor who will give you a free bug net! Catching bugs and fishing is the main source of getting money at the start of the game, so getting this bug net is a big help to getting the 400 gold for the house. Once you get the materials and money return to Rosa in her store. Remember her store is open between 10am-4pm. Speak with Rosa to click the option “build a house” then ask to build the first house choice from the shopping screen.

She’ll ask you to show her where to place the house and will teleport you and her to the meadow area entrance. At this part of the game you can build the house in either the meadow area or if you walk to the right you’ll find the beach, you can build houses on the green grass areas on the beach, you can pick wherever you like, you can move houses around in the future so don’t panic thinking you need to pick the “perfect” spot right away. As you walk to the spot, Rosa will follow you but will walk VERY slowly, you can go to either go around the meadow area or to the beach and then speak with her.

She’ll say if “this is the spot” and you can choose the option “around here” and walk around the area you’re currently in only, this way don’t need to wait for Rosa to catch up walking, from hovering the house around in this bit place it where you want, it can take 2 days after placing the house to be fully built. Many sleep the days to skip but I don’t personally recommend it as there is a quest to do as the house builds and you can gather more materials and such in the meantime.


After placing your first house and start it’s building, you can explore the meadow area and speak with the villagers, one of the three of them still have a quest for you. The quest is to make two benches out of wood logs. You’ll get a pre-built design to the benches to use at the design bench/tool. Each bench is 11 logs, so you’ll need a total of 22 to build both benches. Remember gathering resources like wood logs is very useful to do as often as possible, mainly when trees regrow for you to cut down, wood becomes a very useful resource for both tutorial quests and making your own creations.

Once you have both benches in your backpack return to the villager who gave you the quest. Make sure the benches are in your inventory/backpack when you go speak with them to trigger the next part of the quest. Once you talk to them about finishing making the benches they’ll then ask you to place them somewhere in town, you can place them at either Town Centre, Meadow Area or the Beach at this point in time. The choice is yours! Place those benches down and then return to the villager once again to complete the quest. From here you can spend the rest of the day gathering resources or catching butterflies to sell for some gold/income.

Clams found at the beach can be sold for some extra gold as well. Remember to be watchful of your inventory space. There is a backpack upgrade for more inventory gained with the Mayor Merits. The set of draws in the room Oma let you stay in is a storage item as well, you can take these draws and place it in your home, this won’t upset Oma or give punishment to do, so feel free. You can spend the rest of the day and even the whole night doing so, you don’t ever really have to sleep if you didn’t want to but the only way to change weather is to sleep so do keep that in mind, or those who want to get the tutorial quests completed faster can sleep until the next day. The choice is fully up to you.

Tutorial Quests – Part 3

Chairs & Tables

The next day, speak with your villagers (this request should be from Benny), one of them will have yet another quest for you! You’ll be asked to make a wooden chair and be given another pre-built design for a wooden plank chair. The chair will need 10 wooden planks to create it. Once you gather the wooden logs to craft into wooden planks, create the chair and with it in your backpack return to the quest giver to speak with them. They’ll ask you to place the chair within their home, do so and then speak to the quest giver once more to finish the quest. From here go speak with the other villagers as another of them will have another quest to create a wooden plank table.

This will give you another new pre-built design for the design tool/bench. The table will need 7 wooden planks to create, craft them at the crafting bench and create the table, once doing so return to the quest giver with the table in your backpack. Once speaking with them they’ll ask you to place the table within their home. Feel free to pick up and move around or even steal the furniture in the starting villager houses. You can keep it or sell the furniture if needed or rearrange their houses whenever you’d like. The villagers won’t get upset and don’t mind you doing so. Once you place the table in the villager’s home, return to them to talk and finish the quest. For both the chair and table quests you’ll get a small cash reward in return for helping your neighbours out.

House Finally Built

From here you can spend the rest of the day gathering resources, catching butterflies, plant some trees, flowers if you buy the seeds at Moss’ store of craft some items you have unlocked at this point to place around town if wanted. You can even just sleep until the next day if wanted. Once you reach the next day, if you slept exit your house to the meadow area, it should trigger a cut-scene at the finally finished built house! The cut-scene will have Oma and the new villager moved into two. From this cut-scene you’ll move the villager into the house using the white sign outside of the house, Rosa will give you the wooden plank stairs pre-built blueprint.

Something to note, at this point in time you can only use the white sign to move in or evict villagers but unlocking mayor merits you can move/demolish houses and change their walls/roofing but you’ll need the merits unlocked. Not too long will be a cut scene about moving villagers in, I mention this now because want you to think about your choices, keeping about 4-5 villagers at the start only you’ll get through tutorial quests faster, you can indeed add more villagers but can at times take longer to get through the tutorial stage but can be enjoyable with requests to get money but sometimes you get requests for things like paint that you won’t unlock until AFTER you finish the last tutorial so wanted to get this information to you so you can pick how YOU WANT to play the game, the choice is fully yours!

First Things First, Stairs, Forest Area & Pickaxe!

First thing you want to do after finishing the main quest to build a house and move in your new villager, is to run to Sally’s workshop and build at least one wooden plank stairs. This is what I highly recommend to help get ahead of your game. The stairs are 15 wooden planks to build. Gather what you need and craft the wooden planks and make at least one set of these stairs.

Take these stairs into the meadow area, when exploring by now you’ve noticed the slope/raise area you can’t get to, place these stairs at the slope part of the meadow area to gain access to the resources and more space BUT more importantly you can go to the back of the meadow now, you can access this area and find a set of stairs under a dark wood Torii gate. Once you find it I highly recommend you go through them to enter the Forest Pathway and entrance to the Forest areas. From there go up the pathway, take the first left to a waterfall and a gap in the pathway to unlock a bridge that costs far less than the wooden plank bridge. You’ll being doing this in a small bit so just unlock the pre-built design for now.

What you’ll do is go back to the pathway and go up, past some blocks stairs to see the pathway go upwards then take a left or to the right with a rock wall blocking the way, you’ll be going upwards then left towards the Mountain area, more importantly the Mine Entrance. Here you’ll see a broken pickaxe on the ground, pick that up right away. The bug stopping this quest should be fixed but getting the pickaxe asap is super helpful. Upon picking up the pickaxe you’ll be prompted to go see Sally. Do so, and she’ll take the pickaxe saying she’ll have it fixed the next day. Once this is done and out the way we can carry on with the rest of the quests we can do while waiting for it to be fixed. Something to note about the mountain area and mine entrance, to the left of the mine is a grass area, if you clear this area you can place creations, items and even a house on the green grass area. Another house placement area, very neat!

Oma’s Inn

After speaking with Sally about the pickaxe and such, I recommend building the wooden log bridge while you are there, this will be needed in a small bit. The log bridge will take 22 logs to be built, making it the cheaper bridge of the two pre-builds open at this time. But after that head to town centre and go into Oma’s inn. Heading into Oma’s inn will trigger a small talk between you and her. Oma will talk about the opening times at the inn where visitors will come visit and you’ll have the chance to ask them to move into town. The opening times at Lunch 11am – 3pm and Dinner 5pm – 9pm.

You’ll need to return to Oma’s inn at Lunch to complete this tiny little intro quest. You can use the bed upstairs in Oma’s inn to nap 2 hours or 6 hours to get to the correct time-frame if you aren’t at 11am yet and wanted to do this tiny quest out the way right away (it is easier to do this). Upon entering the inn at the lunch opening will trigger Oma asking you to convince a guest to move into town. After Oma prompts you to convince the villager, go speak with them and they’ll agree to want to move to town making them appear on the “move in” list the next day after speaking with them when interacting with a house’s white sign. After speaking with them you’re pretty much done with that and Oma will talk about wanting to move others into town.

This is the cut scene mentioned before talking about moving those into town. How you play and pick to go forward is your choice so you can play the game how you want and enjoy, something I love about this game. Remember to check the inn often as when you play you’ll unlock villager requirements to unlock villagers (can be found in the Villagers & NPCs tab). Now with this all done you’ll want to head back to the waterfall within the forest area with the gap within the pathway we saw before, make sure to have a bridge in your backpack with you when heading there this time.

Tutorial Quests – Part 4

Meet Derris, Access to Fishing

Heading to this gap at the waterfall within the forest path area, you can use the bridge I prompted you to build earlier or before heading there try to build a bridge as it will be needed. At this gap you’ll place the bridge over it to access the other side, carry on and keep going to enter the Pond area, the lovely place great for fishing and catching forest area butterflies and moths but as you first enter the area you’ll notice it’s got trash/rubbish all over. You’ll need to pick up the trash/rubbish and place it in your inventory/backpack to unlock Derris and fishing, so get cleaning!

Make sure every bit is picked up and then head to leave the area to trigger a cut scene and meet Derris the brown bear. A fishing expert within the Hokko world. Derris will talk about how happy he is you cleaned up the pond area and such, after speaking with him he will come to either the beach or pond area every other day to give you weekly fishing challenges, rewards for catching fish and on the 15th of every month fishing tournaments. But to unlock fishing after speaking with him he’ll be either at the pond area or beach, have a look for him and speak with him again, he’ll give you the crafting recipe to make your own fishing rod!

Getting The Next Quest

Now that you got those quick things out the way you can take a more chilled and relaxing approach to the tutorial, explore the slope area, gather materials but the real next step is to speak with your villagers until one gives you a quest. This quest being given is to fix a steel chair, this quest will unlock the editing/custom button on the design bench/tool. You’ll be given the chair and it’ll be placed in your backpack/inventory so make sure you have space to be given the chair.

You’ll be asked to take the chair to Sally to see if she can fix it. Doing so she’ll tell you that she needs one steel bar to fix it, giving you the steel bar crafting recipe. Doing this quest before the pickaxe quest is what causes the bug which is why I recommended giving the pickaxe to Sally to fix first to prevent the bug stopping you from giving Sally the pickaxe to fix as you need it to finish this chair fixing quest. For this you’ll need that broken pickaxe fixed since to make the steel bar you’ll need materials only found in the mines and coal found by breaking rocks with the pickaxe, that means waiting or sleeping until the next day to be given it.

Pickaxe & Mines

The next day head to Sally’s workshop and speak to her to get given the now fixed pickaxe. Once given the pickaxe, Sally will mention the mines, the area you found the broken pickaxe before. Sally will also now be opening her store, holding pieces packs which will be needed to create your own custom furniture and creations, crafting recipes like dyes, materials and such (later on paint which is a common need for villager requests). Using the pickaxe is now the way to get to the mines and start gathering materials from within.

Gathering these materials is what is needed to carry on the tutorial quests, so the main goal this day is to head there. Using the pickaxe you’ll clear the rocks blocking the entrance and enter the first level of the mines. You’ll be able to mine the rocks there, and then on the far right clear the rocks there and gain bronze ore to reach the second level, it’s important to see the darkness, you’ll try walking through the darkness but trigger you can’t.This is important to do to trigger the next cut scene needed as the iron ore used to craft steel bars are on the second mine level.

Mine Lanterns and Gather Resources

You want to now exit the mine after being unable to explore the second level to trigger a cut scene with Sally. You’ll tell how dark the second level is and she’ll come up with an idea to help, doing so she’ll take you back to her workshop, using teleportation in a way straight there. Once there, she’ll talk about the Mining Lanterns, the only light source that works in the mines, since other lights won’t count.

One mining lantern will be 3 coal, 2 stone and 2 logs to build. To gather coal and stone quickly you can use the axe on the large rocks found around the meadow area and one at the pond area. The mines level will reset at midnight and respawn all rocks inside the mines, the rocks everywhere else sadly don’t re-spawn expect the ones on the beach, but the rocks on the beach only drop stone and chalk. Take this time to craft a good number of lanterns. You’ll need a good amount for the 3 out of the 4 levels of the mines. I roughly start with about 10-15 to cover the most of the second level as you only need the second level for the tutorial quests to be completed for the iron ore

Once Gathered

Once you have got roughly 10, possibly up to 20 mining lanterns if you want to cover the whole second level, it is best to head back there to light up the second level, each lantern only covers a small amount of area for light which is why you need a good amount. To craft a steel bar for us to carry on with tutorial quests you’ll need 5 iron ore and 1 coal.

The left pathway on the second level leads to the entrance to the third level (you’ll need the second pickaxe upgrade) while to the right can lead to the fourth level (you’ll need the third pickaxe upgrade). Within the third level is also an entrance to the fourth level (you’ll need the third pickaxe upgrade). Once you get that from the second floor head to Sally’s workshop, craft the steel bar and then speak with Sally to trigger the next part of the quest.

Fixing The Steel Chair

Speaking with Sally about having the steel bar will have her offer if you would want to fix the chair yourself, doing so will unlock the customise button on the design bench/tool. Though she forces you to do so no matter what you pick. Interact with the design bench/tool and you’ll now have a backpack icon to click, this icon is to edit or copy creations that are in your backpack, a useful option.

Click it and select the broken chair (make sure it’s in your backpack). You’ll see a list of materials used to make the chair on the left, you only need these materials in your backpack if you plan to make a COPY of the chair but this quest is to edit it so you don’t need to worry. We look to the right and press the pencil button to edit/customise the chair. From there you’ll get a prompt up the top explaining how to add ‘pieces’ (those packs sold by Sally) to the design, to use pieces you’ll need to buy their packs from Sally and the materials in your backpack to do so normally but not for this quest. You’ll follow it’s instructions by pressing the + button and selecting the correct steel piece and will auto attach to the chair where outside of this you’ll get to pick where the piece is placed on creations.

Tutorial Quests – Part 5

Handing in Quest

Once you have the fixed chair in your backpack press ‘save’ and will exit the design bench/tool with the chair being fixed in your backpack. Normal usage will take you to another tab where you get to name your creation and even pick the icon it has when you add it to your inventory.

Once out of the design bench/tool, Sally will give you a “job well done” chat and you’ll need to head off and speak with the villager who first gave you the quest, if you’ve forgotten who gave it to you, you can open your backpack/inventory and go to the quest tab, the icon of a check-list and pencil at the top. The quest tab will have information and remind you what step is next for each request given. The chair will be taken by the quest giver and will be finished right there and then.


These next quests will be exploring all the buttons used in the customisation usage with the design bench/tool. Something useful for all new players. From handing in the broken steel chair quest you want to wait or sleep until the next day. Gathering resources and money through fishing and bug catching is always a useful thing to do in the tutorial stage but it’s fully your choice to pick.

Once you get to the next day, speak with your five starting villagers to get given a quest, you should be given a bookshelf that is missing a shelf “or two”. Fixing this shelf you’ll need at least 1 wooden plank. Normally you’d need the piece pack to add pieces to the item but lucky for tutorial you don’t, so get 1-3 wooden planks and use the design bench, much like chair you’ll pick the backpack icon. You won’t be able to select the backpack icon until you have the wooden planks in your backpack. Like before click the pencil on the right and follow the instructions which teach you to move the camera in the design tool/bench, add a wooden piece, move it about, rotate and resize pieces. Then it will let you add a shelf and then teaches you about the icon and show the screen where you normally rename your creations. To note you only need to add a single shelf to complete this task. You can add more if you’d like.

Handing in, Bed With Pink Flowers

Once done you’ll head back to the quest giver and show them the edited and fixed bookshelf. Then they’ll ask you to place it within their house, do so then speak with them again. Once handed in you’ll speak with the five starting villagers to get the next quest.This quest people seem to get confused on so let’s go over it. The villager will give you a bed, asking you to “rework” it, then go into detail saying the pink flowers are what they want removed.Head to Sally’s workshop and enter the design bench/tool. Select the backpack icon and then select the bed, people tend to believe they need to paint the bed but that ISN’T correct, you just need to remove the pink flowers.

So press that pencil on the right and the instructions will talk about deleting pieces from your creations. It will ask you to select something to delete, in this case a pink flower, and it will inform you of the buttons to press to remove the piece. It will then quickly show you have to duplicate pieces and ask you to do so quickly then will leave you to finish removing all pink flowers from the bed and you can even remove the duplicated piece you made for the tutorial. Save and backout once finished and return to the quest giver. They will ask for you to place it, do so then speak with them again to finish the quest.

Make Something New

Once handed in, speak with your starting villagers again to trigger the next tutorial quest. You;ll be making a table, unlike before where you made a pre-built table this time around you’ll be making it from scratch using the design tool/bench blueprint choice.This is how you make most of your custom designs (expect stair’s and bridges for those you edit the pre-built designs to create your own custom design). For this quest you’ll need a minimum of 5 wooden planks and then enter the design tool/bench.

You’ll get instructions pop up once more explaining different blueprints are for different things meaning to read the small descriptions when hovering over each choice being important, for this quest we want the table blueprint. For custom design’s to be approved by villagers requests you need to use a minimum of 5 pieces within the design and spend roughly about 2-5 minutes on the design. For this table keep this in mind and create a table with the pieces the tutorial has given you of your own real design. Once built hit save and finish with picking an icon, you are finished.

You know the table meets requirements when Sally says the table looks “fantastic”, triggering her to sell pieces packs in her store and checking the quest tab to see it say “return table to …”. Go to the quest giver with the made table in your backpack and see what they think about the table. For normal requests if the requirements aren’t met when showing them the item they will tell you to “work on it more” which will then need you to either spend more time or add more to it. The quest giver will then ask you to place the new table within their home, do so and speak with them again afterwards to finish the quest.

Final Tutorial Quest, Painting Picnic Bench!

Once you got that table quest handed in speak with your five starting villagers once more to trigger the final tutorial quest. This quest you’ll be given both some blue paint and a wooden picnic bench. Make sure to have room in your inventory when you get the quest. Also to note USE THE PAINT GIVEN ONLY though other paints should be locked some people somehow have gotten paint early and broke the quest doing this. With these items head to Sally’s workshop and use the backpack icon and select the picnic bench, from there you’ll get instructions showing how to paint items to give your creations colours but something to note, you can paint the bench however you like!

Paint all of it, some of it where ever you want on it, paint it! You’ll press + then bottom of the add tab will be a paint can icon, click that to select the paint colours you have in your inventory once selected, paint whatever part of the picnic bench you’d like. Newest update should have fixed the bug for this quest if not please comment below. Once you are finished and hit save, give it an icon image and click save again, you are done.

From there head back to the quest giver and speak with them. Once informing them you have finished the picnic bench they’ll ask you to place it in town. You can place it outdoors anywhere you’d like. Once placed return to the quest giver and you have finished ALL tutorial quests, the whole design bench/tool is open for you to use whenever and whatever you’d like! Paint will be in Sally’s store so now you can do normal villager requests without issue as well!

From here you can play the game however you’d like. Look towards unlocking other villagers, items throughout the game, create your items and even unlock the ability to create clothing, wallpaper and flooring! The Major Merits & Villager Request tab will talk about unlocks so feel free to have a little peak. Major merits are a great way to find things to do if you aren’t sure where to go next and it can be fully your choice how you go forward from here.

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