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Questions and Answers


How do you start the Worker minigame?

Enter Holo House and visit the bulletin board to the southeast. This board gives you basic information on the Workers minigame by choosing the Read option. To recruit a worker, select the Hire option. Here, you can send out an advertisement that generates 6 random workers whose quality is based on your Manager rank. Pick one and they’ll be added to the pen to the east of the bulletin board. The worker will then spend their Stamina over time to generate Holocoins based on their Efficiency. When their Stamina is drained, they need to be fed fish or crops from the other 2 Holo House minigames. This also improves their level, which improves their stats, which improves money gain.

How much does recruiting cost?

Recruiting itself costs nothing, but sending out the advertisement that generates the 6 random workers costs (x+1*500), where x is the number of workers you currently have hired. If you do not like your options, you can spend the advertisement cost again to reroll.

This means a worker can cost 500 to 5000 Holocoins.

How many workers can I have?

You can have up to 10 workers at a time.

Can I influence what kind of fans the workers are?

The first worker in the advertisement list is always the fan of the Holomem you are currently playing as. SSRBs are out of luck… for now. The rest of the list is random.

How do I get better workers?

Raise your Manager Level by leveling up workers. Each Manager level unlocks a new quality of workers. At level 1, you start with Bronze rarity workers, at 2, Silver, 3, Gold, and 4, the max Manager Level, Platinum workers show up, they have the highest stats.

What stats should I be looking for?

Max Level, usually, I’ll talk about stats down below.


What are these names? How do I add my own?

A few months ago, the Holocure twitter sent out a link to a Google form allowing players to put in their name and what kind of fan they are. These were then filtered and then added to the game. It’s likely that this form would be double checked and the in-game list updated over time, but I don’t know for sure and I don’t know if this opportunity will arise again.

I put in a name to the form a while back, how do I know if my name will show up?

If you open holocure.exe in notepad or similar, you can CTRL+F to find the name you put in. It will be there in plain text. But please, for the love of god, don’t touch anything in the file or you risk breaking the game.

Are names associated with stats?

They are not. Stats are randomly set as much as the names are randomly set.

What if I like the stats of this Worker but not their name?

You can rename fans at your own leisure.


What are the stats of a Worker?

For hiring, workers have 4 stats:

  • Efficiency: How many Holocoins the worker generates each time they generate Holocoins.
  • Max Stamina: How long the worker can work without needing food, also determines how much Stamina is recovered by food.
  • Max Level: Their maximum possible level. Level goes up by feeding food, higher tier food provides more EXP. Every level translates to 1 Efficiency and 2 Stamina.
  • EXP Rate: A multiplier of EXP gained when feeding food.

What are the max stats?

For hiring, I’ve seen up to 10 Efficiency, 85 Max Stamina, and 50 Max Level. I don’t know the max of EXP Rate, it’s probably 2.00.

What makes one Worker better than the other?

Compare (Efficiency+MaxLevel) and (MaxStamina+2*MaxLevel). A worker with 4 Efficiency and 50 Max Level will end up with less Efficiency than a Worker with 10 Efficiency 45 Max Level.

How often do Workers generate Holocoins?

Dunno, I’ve counted 8 seconds and 4 seconds, then stopped counting, it may be random. I’m willing to take more information regarding this.

How many Holocoins can a worker hold before collecting?

Unknown, possibly infinite, or whatever how many bits that value is assigned.

How long does 1 Stamina last?

Around 20 seconds, if not exactly.

How much Stamina does 1 food restore?

20% of Max Stamina, doesn’t matter what kind of food it is. It can be a Shark or a piece of Wheat.

What determines what food a Worker will accept?

It’s random from a list of accepted food based on the Worker’s quality. A Bronze Worker will only request Shrimp, Clownfish, Tuna, Wheat, Tomato, and Potato. A Platinum Worker will request every kind of crop and every kind of fish EXCEPT shiny fish and Axolotls, so try to keep an even amount of everything.

When a Worker levels up, their desired food changes. When a Worker is at max level, they’ll never change their desired food.

How much EXP does each food give?

Exact numbers unknown, but higher tier food provides more EXP. A Shrimp will get dominated by a Shark, even though they restore the same amount of Stamina. Lucky Shrimp…

How much Manager EXP does each Worker Level give?

Unknown. More information needed.

How much food can I give my Worker?

You can give as much food as it takes to fill up both their Stamina and their EXP. Any “overEXP” will bleed into the next level. If you have tons of resources, feel free to be wasteful for faster levels.


How do I get the best Workers as fast as possible?

Start with getting Workers with high Max Levels, and don’t get too attached! The more you level up a Worker, the more Manager EXP you get, which leads to higher quality workers. When they hit their max level, considering retiring them to make room for the big boys, or keep them around a little while for a bit of money as they only request low tier food.

My Manager Level is 4, what makes the ideal Worker?

You could minmax and reroll a bunch to try to get the perfect Worker, but it’s not worth it. I chose to pick up Workers whose Max Level is at least 45. Not all Platinums will get that high, not all Platinums will even reach 30!

Why would I give my food to Workers when I can sell them?

It’s easy for the Stamina restored of a food to grossly overpower the value of that food being sold. Even if 1 stamina = 2 ticks of Holocoins, a 50 Efficiency Worker would generate 100 holocoins per Stamina, if that worker has 150 Stamina, then

Let’s say a Worker has 150 Max Stamina and 50 Efficiency. Any fish would give 30 Stamina. If we assume 1 Stamina is enough for 2 ticks of Holocoins, which means that 30 Stamina would become 3000 Holocoins. If it were a Shark, we just multiplied it’s value by 4!

Of course, this is over the course of 10 minutes.

When do Workers work?

Any time the game is running. You could be playing the proper hoard mode, or grinding for fish, or AFKing in the house. This is the power of Workers, even if it takes a while to get them up to max speed.

How many Holocoins can my workers make while I go do a Stage?

10 reasonably-maxed workers can generate 250K+ coins while you’re off on a Stage. I’d love to post a screenshot proving this, but I’ll need to actually max out my workers. Right now, they’re around level 20 each and generating around 140K+ after a 20 minute stage. It’s nothing compared to IRYSes making 1.6M+ in 35 minutes, but you can do that while getting the extra money from Workers!

Just be sure to check up on them between each game for feeding, and don’t neglect Farming or Fishing!


  1. “So if you end up getting it to land on a vegetable for all ten workers, you will never have to fish again”

    Not entirely correct because many of the cooking buffs also require them.

  2. My workers are all max 48-50 lvl workers 8-10 efficiency with 75+ start stamina. You make around 200-300k in between games. Also side note, whatever food they land on at the end level it will remain that food. So if you end up getting it to land on a vegetable for all ten workers, you will never have to fish again

  3. I wish there was an option to choose what food at max level 🙁 I keep getting really annoying to get ones.

  4. The max EXP Rate is 1.5. The blue bar is full at that point.

    “How much Manager EXP does each Worker Level give?”: 9 + 7n where n = worker level before level up. This means higher level workers give more Manager EXP upon level up. EXP required to reach Manager LV 2 is 762. I derived the smallest whole numbers by leveling up 3 workers at a time and counting the pixels. The Manager EXP bar is 254 pixels wide (762/3).

    “How do I get the best Workers as fast as possible?”: Prioritize EXP Rate for T1-T3 workers. Max Level doesn’t matter much for T1-T3 but don’t pick too low max level except maybe one to grab Employee of the Month achievement.

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