Hot Spring Hero – Basic Guide for Confusing Parts

Just trying to help with the confusing parts of the game.

Guide to Basics


Remember to download and apply the Patch.

If the screen resolution is higher than your monitor, enable windowed mode and move it using Windows + Any Arrow. This will make the top bar appear, then just maximize it.

This is a very confusing game in terms of how to unlock certain things and how to advance the story, so there are things I just don’t know or am unsure about.

Basic Guide

First, just follow the story normally, you will learn how to collect items, improve the inn, and the most important part, unlock the first map, Nearby Forest.

At this point you will have already slept, where you will see the option to train or talk to one of the girls.

I recommend you skip the training option and talk to a different girl every day. It’s in these conversations that you unlock some scenes with them and even new skills

After completing the Nearby Forest, you will unlock the Montane Forest, where you will need to do 3 different things.

  • From where you spawn, going up and then left, you will find the Goddess and she will ask you to find 3 fragments that will be spread across the map.
    • They are very easy to find, just walk around the map and then return to her.
  • From where you spawn, going left twice you will find an old man and an entrance upwards.
    • Talk to the old man, go up, break the wall and you will unlock the dungeon. Destroying the seal unlocks more areas.
  • From the part where the old man is, go right and climb the stairs just above.
    • Keep going up and you will find a giant tree, interacting with it you will see that it’s a Boss.

After completing this, I imagine you can now unlock the other two characters.

  • In the menu there is the Dishes option, just cook it several times and Unica will appear (After sleeping once, I guess.).
  • While you are walking around the map, you will meet Mizuki, after talking to her a few times, she will go to the inn and then you just need to talk to her before going to sleep (I think about 2/3 times).

Continue interacting with everyone at the inn and completing the board missions and you will unlock the maps Tropical Coast and Clacking Snow Mountain.

You need to have all the characters to complete Tropical Coast and I believe that Snow Mountain is only available when you have them all.

In Tropical Coast just go up and you will meet the goddess again. Talk to her and she will ask you to find a gem that was stolen by pirates.

Going right and up you will find a closed door and just above a shell, a cactus, a log and a switch. Normally you would have to find several notes on the map to know the order, but I doubt it is random and my order was Cactus, Shell, Log, Switch.

If it worked, you opened the door, if it went wrong, the switch exploded and you took a lot of damage.
Go through the door and you’ve found the pirates. Go to the boat, follow the path to the captain and defeat him. You got the gem. Return to the goddess and another completed map.

There is a hidden boss on this map too. Going all the way to the right you will find a place to fish, continue fishing there and defeat the monsters that appear, when you leave a Boss called Evil Kraken will appear.

There isn’t much to do in Clacking Snow Mountain, basically going right you will find a place to complete snowmen(You get the necessary item by walking around), and when you complete it you get a Hidden Chest. And if you go up that’s where you get Unmelted Ice for the ice cream.

After that, you need to complete the floors of the Dungeon (Bottomless Labyrinth) to unlock more scenes and maps.

I tried to play through the game without breaking the Seals (because it seemed dangerous), but it seems to be completely necessary to advance the game.

After a scene with Unica you unlock Raw Sugar Desert.

There are several Bosses here, I recommend going down to see the dragon scene, after that you will have to walk around the map and kill three other bosses. They are all in the same part of the map where you find the dragon, so just walk that way.

After that you need to call the dragon and the part is also on the same map.

The other Boss is the one on the map and he rises from spawn in a hole. He seems to be the type of boss where you need to kill all the monsters in the same turn or they will respawn.

After that just continue completing the Dungeon. There are hidden bosses there too, but you can go straight to them using the Special Floor option.


  • There are 7 Bugs in total, one for each map.
  • Always go through the inn’s bathroom to see if the first Bug is there. After killing him the Goddess comes to talk to you and now there will be a Bug on each map.
  • Killing the Bugs will give you a new item for each bug, except the last one which gives you two items.
  • Bugs only appear on a specific day, so you have to go through the maps looking for them each day. After killing a bug on a map, they never respawn again.
  • To find out if you have already killed a Bug on a map, on the second floor of the inn a Bug will appear that will tell you whether you have already killed the one on that map or not.


There are some important NPCs for you to finish their missions or just talk to:

  • Cat-eyes Adventurer – It’s basically a guide to things on the map, like secret bosses and hidden chests.
  • A Cleric in Love – It will be next to the NPC above and heals you when talking to.
  • Gambler – Unlocked a little later. Keep giving him money and he will give you two UR items.
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