I Am Future – All Known Recipe List

A list of all known recipes in game.

Cookbook Guide


Here is a list of all the recipes that I have learned so far.

How to Unlock a Recipe?

Step 1. Build a campfire. You unlock the blueprint by taking apart the first one near your start point.

Once you’ve unlocked it then go to the build menu and place one down.

Step 2. Chef mode.

Click on the campfire and then go to the chef tab on the bottom left. Once here you can combine ingredients to make recipes. Feel free to experiment as it will not consume ingredients. Upgrade the campfire to unlock more slots to cook with.

Some of these recipes are unlocked by taking to your Fridge. All of the ones with 4 ingredients are quest missions. Except the energy bar. That one is unlocked by getting all the ingredients.

Note: Keep an eye on the pot to tell you if you are getting anywhere. If the ingredients don’t mix then it will tell you but if you need one more ingredient to finish the recipe then it will tell you that too.

Solid Food

2x Blueberries

2x Yellow Flowers

3x Foliage, 2x Blueberries, 2x Coffee Beans, 2x Almonds

1x Fish Fillet, 2x Lettice

3x Purple Mushrooms

2x Purple Mushrooms, 1x Drinking Water

2x Yellow Flowers, 2x Lettice, 2x Foliage

1x Nutritious Salad, 2x Seafood

1x Drinking Water, 2x Seafood

4x Foliage, 1x Drinking Water, 1x Fish Oil, 2x Lunar Tubers

1x Bread, 1x Blueberry Jam

1x Fish Filet, 1x Bread, 1x Caviar

2x Fish Filet, 1x Fish Oil

3x Chilly Peppers

2x Bread, 1x Patty, 1x Hot Sauce, 1x Lettice

1x Drinking Water, 3x Fish Filet

1x Chilly Pepper, 1x Almond Milk, 1x Fish Soup


1x Salt Water Bottle

1x Fresh Water, 1x Coal

2x Almonds, 1x Drinking Water

2x Coffee Beans, 1x Drinking Water

1x Energizing Coffee, 1x Almond Milk

1x Almond Milk, 1x Blueberry Jam



  1. Thank you for the recipes, I cooked them all and noted the saturation level of each dish below.

    Burger: 30 hunger AND 50 health
    Tom Yum: 80 hunger
    Blueberry milkshake: 70 hunger
    Jam sandwich: 60 hunger
    Canapes: 50 hunger
    Seafood salad: 50 hunger
    Latte: 40 hunger

    Fish soup: 35 hunger
    Sea soup: 35 hunger
    Energy bar: 30 hunger

    Almond milk: 25 hunger
    Bread: 25 hunger
    Fish steak: 25 hunger
    Hearty mushroom stew: 25 hunger
    Nutritious salad: 25 hunger

    Baked mushrooms: 20 hunger
    Hotsauce: 20 hunger
    Patty: 20 hunger

    Blueberry jam: 15 hunger
    Bright soup: 15 hunger
    Coffee: 15 hunger

  2. Actually you know what nevermind i’m just stupid. You don’t need the chef mode for 4 ingredients

    • Short answer. Fire. As you can see on the top right of each of the blurry images they need fire to be cooked.

  3. The second recipe you are missing is for a blueberry milkshake, which is 1 blueberry jam, and 1 almond milk.

  4. You’re missing two food recipes. One = fish soup (1x Drinking water, 3x Fish Fillet), and another recipe which I’ve yet to discover.

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