Idle Research – Quick Diamond Glitch

Small glitch that allows slow but infinite gain of diamonds.

Glitch to Infinite Gain Diamonds


For this glitch first you need to reach tubes and map part of the game, so it isnt early glitch unless you find other way to induce it.

  • First you need to have daily solitaire available on both flask and tube.
  • You go via Map to Tubes and use daily solitaire to get free diamonds.
  • After solitaire you get returned to menu screen rather than game, so now you need to load Tube save, not Flask.
  • After you load Tube save go via map to Flask.
  • Use solitaire to get free 5 diamonds or play to get all.
  • After Solitaire once again load Tube save.
  • Return to flask via map.
  • Now you should see that daily Solitaire is still available thus you can repeat earlier steps for infintie diamonds.

If you feel like supporting developer feel free to buy diamonds, or you can always use this method.

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  1. Yes! Was looking for this 😉 I am wondering about auto harvest and dig range, this explains why sometimes diggles won’t go digging even if I set up tunnels and caves. A bit afraid to extend this range in order to prevent game from crashing or bugging.

    • As far as i know, their harvest/use range is based on fog of war, but increasing that variable made em go dig far tunnels more often so propably good idea to increase it overall.
      As to breeding problem i would recommend playing with gnome schedules, cause half of time it comes to gnome limit of 22 or so and setting partners to same timetable, increasing their max age via mod is also recommended cause limit of 24 or so is real short.

    • Yep, you helped me to solve breeding problem in discord. In the beginning I thought it’s somekind of bug… But actually not, lol. That was stupid of me.

      I have tested the speed increasing feature for 2 nights and – I was experimenting with how much long my dwarfs would survive:

      First night experiment was with x4 increasing because i didn’t saw your post and go with default settings. Dwarfs didn’t survive a night IRL. Idk how long they managed to do it, but the fact is – they’re dead when i came to pc at the morning.
      Second night experiment was with x16 increasing. Dwarfs didn’t survive either. Idk how long too.
      Third experiment was in a hurry when i woke up and had to do morning routines in order to go to work with x64 speed increasing – dwarfs didn’t make it in a half a hour and i left home.
      4 experiment i’ve done at night today without speed increasing. Dwarfs survived and there is a lot of them and they cook a lot of food and everything is fine with them

  2. my new born dwarfs stopped to marry each other, so clan didn’t survive because of 0 reproduction… when older dwarfs die because of their oldness, still living ones marry their children, and still didn’t make new children.
    my clan vanished during the night i slept at x4 speed. everything was automatized – food, farms, etc. i even found the rastaman clan to the south east…

  3. Yep, i did several fireplaces and several farms. 2-3 or so
    Also there was 2 electrical kitchens with infinite production.

  4. I used the settings to mod the registy for win10, it broke the farms, broke the frames around the romms, and broke reproduction. I went back and rediified them back, cannot use save game files. Just wanted other to know my XP with this mod. I like the speed factor, I kept that.

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