Incursion Red River – How to Revive Teammates and Pause Singleplayer

I’ve seen and heard that so many people skip over reviving their teammates when their team could have been revived. I believe its just because people just don`t know how or with what you revive teammates with.

Guide to Revive Teammates

How to Revive

First you must have a Adrenaline Injection.

If you do not have one check if your teammate does pretty much everyone who knows how to revive brings one you`ll probably get lucky.

Second on your friends body there should be two circles one to hold F to loot and the other slightly different part of his body should be a hold F to revive.

How to Get The Adrenaline Injection

The best way to get the is to loot them, often the crate right behind you at spawn will have medical gear. Most of the time it`s pills but you could get lucky.

The only other way is going to be buying it, which requires Tier 2 rep with UICS.


So you need an adrenaline injector to revive your teammate, you can buy it from UICS tier 2, you can even find it with challenge.

How to Pause Singleplayer

You can do it like in other games. BUT

You need to complete a full play in one go, or find a very secure place and return later. Time moves at real speed. Its more noticeable if you started during sundown, It will eventually get dark.

The best strat is that if you go in a bunker and just hide in there while you go afk you will 99% of the time live unless they are alert. I had to go afk a few times and it`s worked for me.

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    • Well you can play public and do this with non-friends, but at the moment without a karma system and with friendly fire it`s a risky operation. I would pretty much only suggest public once losing gear is not a big deal. There are people looking for friends on the game forums so that`d be my first bet.

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