It’s a Gluttonous Life – Tips, Hacks and Secrets

All the secrets you need to know! free rent, skimping on feeding Jasmine, and thats it!

Tips and Hints

Living Rent-Free

You’re going to want to live with Elaine and not move out. When you can, buy the ipecac syrup and packets for herbivores and carnivores, just to be safe. Then, you she will ask you if you have found a job a week from living with her. You should have a job by this point, so no worries.

A month later, she will ask if youve found a place to move to. You will have not found someplace, if you did this correctly. She will eat you, then spit you out from the ipecac and packets. Then, she will ask rent from you, but it will cost nothing. You just have to buy groceries.

Skimping on Jasmine Feeding

Fairly Easy. Go to Jasmine, start off with the $1000 rent. The message wont pop up to cook for her, and you wont need to. It only happens if you cancel and re-open the agreement. Still $1000 per month, easily affordable with the janitor job.


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