Jalopy – [It’s A Classic] Achievement Guide

A guide which explains the easiest and fastest way to get the “It’s a classic” achievement.


This guide is covering the topic on how to get the “It’s a classic” achievement in Jalopy. For this achievement you have to max out your odometer to 999.999 kilometers (about 1 million).

I will show you how to get this achievement in the easiest and fastest way.

What You Will Need for the Achievement

To get the achievement I used the following parts in my Leika:

  • Fuel Tank: Strout Krone Kong Fuel Tank (needed because of the 33 litre capacity)
  • Engine: Krone Kong Squash Engine (recommendet because of fast acceleration and high speed)
  • Air Filter: Krone Kong Oval Air Filter
  • Carburettor: Krone Kong Tube Carburettor
  • Battery: All batterys are the same
  • Ignition Coil: Triple Barrel Krone Kong Ignition Coil
  • Water Tank: Oasis Water Tank

I recommend having the level 2 or 3 tool rack aswell so you can fix your car after you did the bug.

Also take 4 extra tires and a fuel can with you because the tires will break during the free fall and you will eventually run out of gas.

How to Do the Bug Correctly

To do the bug correctly you just have to go to any city you want (it has to be a city not the starting garage) and open the route book. Choose any route you want but in the same moment you select it close the book with [esc].

This is already the entire bug, if done correctly you should be able to pass the border but the map isn’t fully loaded. You have to drive a few kilometers through a tunnel or a bridge but then you should see a white void in which you can drive.

After driving into the void you fall with high speed and gain kilometers but you have to press W for the entire time you are falling!

In the following video you can see how it’s done (please remember my odometer is already maxed out so you will not see the kilometers rising):

How Long Does It Take?

I measured the following times:

  • 13 minutes: 220.000km
  • 17 minutes: 340.000km (fuel tank should be empty around this time)

You are accelerating over the entire 17 minutes, this means that the kilometer gain is growing exponentially.

Remember that these times worked for me but I can’t assure that they will work for you aswell!

Common Mistakes

  1. If you are falling too fast you don’t get the achievement (this has happend to me twice).
  2. Remember to buy new tires and refill the fuel can.
  3. Watch your money so you don’t go bankrupt.
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