Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker – How to Make Babies (Go Forth and Multiply Achievement)

How to get the Go Forth and Multiply achievement.

How to Obtain Go Forth and Multiply Achievement


‘Go Forth and Multiply’ is an achievement that requires 50 babies to be made. It can be quite tedious, but I’ve found out an easy way to obtain it. Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have received at least 1 letter from an A+ couple.

A+ Tips

To receive an A+ grade, aim for the following:

  • Same type (Sporty, geeky, glam, etc).
  • Have at least 4 matching personality traits.
  • Have no more than 1 star difference when it comes to their job (1 star and 3 star won’t work. 1 star and 2 stars will work, and so will 2 stars and 3 stars).
  • Compatible horoscopes – Check out other guides to see who are compatible.
  • Hair preference. If you can, change your client’s hair colour to match what their date likes. This isn’t completely necessary, but it can help.

If the date goes well, you should receive a letter after some time has passed. If it’s A+, do not delete it. You’ll need it if you want to speed through the achievement.


  1. Go to your mailbox and open the letter that your A+ couple has sent you.
  2. Hit back until you’re out of the mailbox.
  3. Go back into your mailbox, read the same letter, exit back out, and repeat.

You should get the achievement very quickly, depending on how many babies your match has. My match had 5 babies, so I was able to do this 10 times to get the achievement.

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