Kiwi Clicker – Guide for New Players (How to Progress)

How to progress through this idle game.

Beginners Guide

Starting the Game

Not much is available at the start of the game, but your primary goal is to click the funny kiwi until you kill enough kings to progress to the transcendence stage of the game.

Upon transcending you will be met with a prestige tree with upgrades that benefit the five stages of the kiwi delivery process.

You should prestige as soon as you reach the quota for prestiging because professions make the game infinitely quicker.

Early Game

Your next objective is to advance through the lower levels of the prestige tree, primarily through kiwis per click, kiwis inside each bag and koins per kiwi delivered as these will help speed up the process of prestiging.

I would suggest choosing the archery profession when you prestige as it provides many bonuses to active play, whereas the other two classes mostly focus on idle play. Upgrade to the left and below the start point of the skill tree when you have very few skill tokens available because these provide the most effective means of early prestige farming.

Once you are comfortably earning around 50 prestige tokens per prestige, I would suggest upgrading the kiwilashnikov (the gun) because it literally becomes an autoclicker (albeit much faster as it benefits from the 300% speed multiplier of the archery profession) when you reach the end of the prestige branch.

Keep upgrading through the lower levels of each branch until you feel like you are confident in the amount of prestige tokens you are making per prestige. Now I would focus on reaching the end of one of the branches, to collect one of the krowns. This unlocks a new area.

The Krowned Klub

This area becomes available to you when you collect one of the krowns at the end of a prestige branch. With one krown, you can access 3 penances through the green bloke in the middle of the floor. Penances are challenge runs that offer a prestige token multiplier of +10% for every milestone reached within the specific penance

The Ranking of Kiwikings – You cannot deliver kiwis by any means and must solely collect koins from killed kings. This one is pretty difficult early on but I’m pretty sure you can reach the first milestone

Full Potion Alkiwimist – Honestly dreadful penance that you should skip for now unless you feel like waiting forever for potions to brew. You may be able to get 10% from killing kings but I just left this until later on.

Being an Archery Player – This is the easiest of all the penances to gain an early prestige bonus. The goal is to produce as many koins as possible during a 10 minute time window, which should be pretty easy to get at least 20% in.

Keep upgrading through the paths of the prestige tree either through the bridges or through the actual paths themselves. I would maybe also suggest upgrading down to the bottom left and right branches because they provide some pretty neat bonuses to prestige farming.

If you have unlocked a bridge path, you will have noticed a new 10,000 token node for a “ki piece”, each bridge leads to one but they serve no purpose in the game. A disclaimer is present in the beta branch but is yet to be implemented in the live branch. I’d suggest not purchasing these for now until you have nothing else to spend your tokens on.


Wiwis are currently in beta testing but are expected to be released in the live branch soon.

Wiwis are obtainable when at least two branch crowns are purchased. They are present in the wiwi lab in the krowned klub. When a profession is selected, two wiwis will become available. Only one can be adopted so you must carefully choose which wiwi to enslave adopt.

Wiwis are levelled by passively absorbing 25% of all collected King’s Pulp. This makes early game levelling difficult and therefore limits the utility of them.

Archery wiwi

  • Provides increased max sekiwity speed multiplier (levels 2 and 4) [150% max].
  • Provides bonuses to other stations based on sekiwity speed multiplier (levels 1 and 3) [140% max].
  • Provides a time speed bonus based on the rate of arrows fired.

Alchemist wiwi

  • Produces potions of tiers 1-6 with no storage of additional potions (level 0).
  • Randomly throws the potion when a new one is produced (level 1).
  • Has a higher chance of producing higher tier potions (levels 2 and 4) [max 65%].
  • Enables merging of potions based on the tier of potion active on a station (level 3).
  • Produces potions twice as quick (level 5).

Carpentry wiwi

  • Provides upgrade discounts (levels 3 and 4) [max 80%].
  • Provides fortify percentages (levels 1, 2 and 5) [max +6% per activation].

Fortify affects

  • Bag size at level 1.
  • Sekiwity at level 2.
  • Koins gained at level 5.

It is also important to note that wiwis must be kept happy for them to function correctly. Happiness is based on the profession you chose.

  • Archery – Happiness is effected by clicking and shooting.
  • Alchemist – Happiness is effected by active potion transformations.
  • Carpentry – Happiness is effected by idling.

1.0 Endgame

In the current 1.0 build, a proper ending does not yet exist. Therefore, the only thing really remaining to do is max the prestige tree and try to reach as high a percentage in the penances as you can.

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  1. Hold up! If you want to farm amazing amounts of prestige, use Archery as your profession, use the potion-Wiwi as your mercenary, then keep running the Full Potion Alkiwimist-challenge. You get about 2x as much prestige for transcensions as your mercenary spams potions to your buildings and the potions are 300% more powerful. It’s actually crazy how powerful that shit is.

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