Laika: Aged Through Blood – How to Rocket Jump

You can launch more than just a rocket with the rocket launcher…


After a few hours of blowing myself (up with the rocket launcher) I discovered a rather goofy game mechanic. Tapping the parry button makes you invincible for a few frames and allows you to survive a direct hit from enemy rockets.

However rockets fired by the players will launch physics objects away including your bike. So combining these two facts allows you to fly around the wasteland and break the game a little with a bit of skill.

How to Rocket Jump

  • 1: Equip the rocket launcher, unfortunately you cannot rocket jump in the game without the rocket launcher (It can be crafted with the blueprint and missile)
  • 2: Get some air, I have found that the most force comes while your bike is off the ground, so it is easiest to start a rocket jump off of a bump, hill, or cliff. You can also do a wheelie to start but It is harder.
  • 3: Shoot and Parry, While off the ground aim the launcher behind your bike at the ground, logically the lower the angle the higher you will be sent and the further back the blast is the further Laika will be conclusively launched across the map. The most important part is to parry a few milliseconds after the rocket impacts the ground, unless you want to become a pretty puddle.
  • 4: Don’t die, Congratulations you are now flying and your only goal is to not die and see how far you can keep up the chain. To continue rocket jumping you need to detonate a rocket on the ground and parry before your bike’s wheels touch the ground. By doing this you will carry over the momentum before the jump and gain more momentum from it. By doing this you can get going stupid fast. You will continue to gain speed far above the bike’s maximum as long as you keep hitting rockets at an angle 45 degrees or less. If your bike touches the ground your speed will decrease back towards the bike’s maximum speed. Keep back-flipping to reload as the rotation of the bike doesn’t seem to affect the rocket jump.
  • 5: Repeat, After a little while you can get really good at timing and aiming which allows you to move around the wasteland in probably the least efficient, yet dumbest and fastest way.

Combat Application?

Although definitely less effective than a back-flip bullet time revolver, rocket jumping into combat has some advantages. That being it looks really cool.

Also the extra speed from the blast kind of makes the birds ♥ themselves and are unable to lead shots.

There are story spoilers below!!!

Game Breaking Applications?

There are a few areas where performing a rocket jump can get you to places you should not be (other than stuck in the ceiling). I have only tried these after beating the game and I am planning on doing another play-through where I use rocket jumping to try to break sequences in the game. I will update this list If I find anything else or if there are any preventive measures blocking anything below.

During the boat section you can potentially use rocket jumps to get into the ships before acquiring the harpoon.

You can potentially skip floors in the Big Tree

Unfortunately you still need the booster to beat the game as the platform connecting Where Our Ancestors Rest to the airship does not have collisions with bullets.

That is all I have discovered with this maybe intentional game mechanic. I’m sure someone a lot smarter than me can find a lot more to do with it, I just thought It was an interesting mechanic to share.

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  1. Im curious about the skipping implications, but one would have to figure out how to get the missile without the dash first. I don’t think the shotgun blast can clear it

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