Lawnmower Game – General Guide

So heres a little guide for all the achievements and every thing you need to know.

Full Completion, Controls and Everything You Need to Know

The Basics, How to Play!

For some reason this game dosnt show you the controls in game so here they are.

As most games, WASD to move, S puts you into reverse gear, and holding W changes your gears from N, to 3 (which makes you go faster), to change gears back down either slow down on S or just let go of the W key. A turns you right, and D turns you left.

There are 2 main things on your screen you should keep an eye on, you and your fuel. Your fuel normally goes down 1% every 1-2 seconds and can always be refuled by the little dark green cans in the fields, dont worry, they respawn! (I have created maps further down in the guide of where they spawn)

Now fun fact! You can go into first person, by pressing your tab key. It gives you access to looking around and behind you and well seeing in first person. its a fun way to play the game and it makes it look better, how ever there is 1 issues i find with using first person. You cant see your fuel and your fuel will run out of it before you know it (i learnt that the hard way).

Pressing esc will pause the game and give you the choice of continuing, going to the main menu, or looking at options. if you go to the main menu the grass you have cut wont save how ever your score will. You cant just restart, you have to go to the main menu and press new game if you want to do that.

How do you save the game to continue the next time you get on? You cant.

Every time you open up the game no matter what you do, it will say “new game” everything is reset but your score.


Each fuel can gives you about 30% fuel, and hits about 94% max (from what i saw) so i wouldnt recommend using them unless your in the 60%. But they do respawn.

Thats kind of it…

Map, and Fuel Spawn Points and Pumpkin Placements

One of the biggest issues i had playing the game is, where to go, where to refuel, etc.

Heres just a basic image i drew of the map in a few seconds so you can see from a top angle.

I know it looks horrible but i wasted enough time on this game already. Color coding will be under the image.

If any colors are wrong please correct me i am colourblind.

The Purple S is the spawn, this is where you will always start the game.

The orange is the dirt path, or pavement, that take you to the fields and neighbourhood hood which as you can see leads to the house (the black dots) which also have small fields and 1 or 2 fuel cans inside.

The 2 massive green areas are the 2 fields you will be mowing, and the dark blue spots inside the green areas are were the fuel cans spawn in (a reminder they do respawn)

The red dots are pumpkins, there are 3 pumpkins on the whole map, and each one gives you an achievement so if your trying to get all the achievements thats the locations how ever i will provide more info in the achievements section

The massive yellow sploge thats just a random area of trees, theres nothing really there dont waste you time.

All Achievements, and Strategies to Getting Them

All 7 achievements are do able in a day, more less an afternoon it dosnt take too long, so your able to buy the game get the achievements and then refund it if you really want to.

First achievement: Start game

This isnt hard, just open the game and press “new game” thats it, congrats.

Collect Pumpkins

There are 3 pumpkins located on the map each pumpkin giving you an achievement, if you look onto the map section of this guide there are 3 red dots which is where the pumpkins are found, but i will go in more depth here. Warning: When collecting a pumpkin it plays a very loud audio and i recommend you turn your volume down (i dont remember the order of 1-3 but these are just the locations).

One pumpkin can be found in the middle back of the main field infront of spawn.

Another one can be found in the left Center side (from bridge) of the second field, by the grass word “LAWNMOWER”

And the final one i hated, is inside the village follow the path straight left and take the last right, you should find a road with 3 white houses, there will be the final pumpkin.

Play time achievements

These are pretty self explanatory but theirs a few parts of it I wasnt aware of when trying to get them.

The 3 achievements are Play 10 Minutes, Play 15 Minutes and Play 60 Minutes and all follow the same rule.

You have to play the game continuously for 10, 15 and 60 minutes (if you play for 60 minutes you’ll get all 3) you can get the achievement. Here are some important facts as well, you cant go afk, you’ll fuel will run out and you will have to restart. You cant pause the game. Pausing the game will restart the timer so make sure you dont have any plans for the next hour because youre gonna be sitting here for a while pressing W. Running out of fuel will cause you to instantly fail, and be forced to restart.

If you are struggling to hit the 60 minute mark without losing fuel, stay in the first field. there is a total of 5 fuel cans that respawn every so often and you wont die if you just stick to them.

Full Clearing a field

For some reason i thought there would be a secret achievement for full clearing one of the fields so i spent an extra 30 minutes to test it. It does nothing. You gain nothing from clearing a whole field. Dont waste your time.

It doesnt even look good if you do it.

Thats It

Thats legit everything you need to know. You can do all of that in the span of an hour, so you can do it and refund the game.

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  1. I used to be an alcoholic, my wife left me and my kids hated me. HOWEVER as soon as I followed this guide and got all the achievments my wife came back, my kids love me and I’ve stopped drinking. Thank you for changing my life for the better

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