Magia X – Very Basic Guide (How to Play)

Please note: all credit goes to Izanagi/AsheIza!

A helpful tutorial on how to play the game, best read before buying the game beforehand. Nice and simple.

Simple Guide to Start

Character Section

Thanks to the free update, the DLC character are now all free.

The first character on the far right is Aiden, the swordsman.

He is considered the most easiest character to play, if you follow his combat systems right you’ll breeze through the story without much problem.

Aiden specialises in special attack prompts, meaning that ever time you attack the icon on the far right of the screen changes to a new attack to use. Making him quite the tactically character to begin with.

Moving along, we have our tank and slower knight, Morgan. If you like getting up and close into the enemy’s face while also knowing the risks involved. Morgan’s the character for you.

Constantly you’ll be increasing your defense to prevent death, and increasing your attack to destroy the enemy’s defense.By pressing the special key you’ll switch between these two stances. However due to this Morgan has limited dashing.

Next to him is Leta our mage of the game, throughout the game you’ll learn new spells for her to use. She is fast yet her attacks aren’t as powerful as the others. Much like Morgan you’ll be playing as her last.

Finally we have Caleena our dragon hybrid.

Caleena is a special case, since she has a rage mode that increases her attack by five times. Use this well and you’ll destroy your foes like butter. However her defense is much lower compared to the rest of the cast because of this.

This covers the character basics.

How to Play and Important Tips

  • To move your character, use the arrow keys.
  • To Jump press C, to attack press X. and to dodge simply press shift.
  • To use your character’s special move, press Z.

Each stage that you enter has a 10 minutes time limit, once you either die or the time is up the level is considered over and you’ll be told that you’ve failed the level.

If you lose, enhance your equipment at the forge or grind a little at some older levels.

By using runes, you can unlock new types of pre-existing moves, some types are better than others.

To make new equipment, you need a recipe that is gained from beating levels on the hardest setting.

Upon beating the boss there is a chance, you’ll get a shining silver item alongside the normal ones.

Take it to the forge, and put a type of gear that the recipe requests: e.g a sword.

Once you’ve done that…. tada! A new weapon/armor is created! Going through the game further you’ll then unlock legendary recipes for your character.

After-all than what I’ve said, that’s all there is to it. If you’ve beaten Magia X there are some good other games to give a try.

  • Odin Sphere (PS2, PS4)
  • Dragon’s Crown (PS VITA, PS3.)
  • The Vargant (PC, SWITCH)
  • Dragon Spear (PC)
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